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The WWE Conflict at the Castle occasion noticed Roman Reigns proceed his reign because the undisputed WWE Universal Champion beating Drew McIntyre with some support from The Usos’ youthful brother Solo Sikoa. Seth Rollins became in a assign to conquer Matt Riddle’s scream, whereas Intercontinental Champion Gunther defended his title in opposition to Sheamus. Edge & Rey Mysterio took down The Judgment Day, staunch for Dominik Mysterio to present a gargantuan shock. Let’s purchase a scrutinize at the highlights from the occasion.

WWE Conflict at the Castle highlights 

Madcap Moss & The Aspect road Profits vs Theory & Alpha Academy

The match started with Ford mocking Gable who became left laying on the mat by Dawkins alongside with his shoulder block. Ford after entering the ring got caught into an ankle Lock from Gable, giving the advantage to The Alpha Academy and Theory. Ford managed to fight out of ankle lock and likewise managed to flooring Otis and Gable, by hitting each of them with a double DDT.

After a brief series of tags, Gable hit Dawkins with the Rolling German Suplex, almost incomes the victory sooner than Moss broke up the pinfall. A fired-up Moss blasted Otis with a Fallaway Slam that despatched the mountainous competitor flying to the exterior. The turning 2nd of the match came when Montez Castle hit a blockbuster over the tip rope to the exterior of the ring as Chad Gable became held on Angelo Dawkins’ shoulders. Gable became then thrown abet for the length of the ring following which Montez Ford hit him with a splash to seal the private.

Bayley, Dakota Kai & IYO SKY vs Raw Ladies’s Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka

The six-ladies mark personnel match started with Belair, Asuka, and Bliss turning in a triple suplex to all three of their opponents. When Belair sooner or later got the mark, she became a home on fireplace, knocking Kai into SKY to ship each tumbling to the ringside flooring. Asuka and Bliss, with the support of Belair’s abet, took out Bayley by executing a double suplex. Bliss became isolated into the nook by the personnel of Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky.

Then again, as rapidly Bliss tagged in Asuka the momentum of the match modified giving her personnel the momentum moreover tagging in Bianca Belair, Belair almost put away Kai with the Okay.O.D. Bayley then hit her signature pass, i.e Rose Plant on Belair sooner than SKY hit Over the Moonsault, allowing Bayley to pin Belaire and clutch up the private.

Intercontinental Championship: Gunther vs Sheamus

The match witnessed the rebirth of Imperium after Giovanni Vinci reunited with Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser. It became an all-out battle between each wrestlers as they hit every diversified with gargantuan strikes. Gunther dominated Sheamus in the early piece of the match the utilization of chops to turn his opponent’s chest crimson and crimson. Sheamus after coming spherical again almost won the match after hitting White Noise. Sheamus had one other approach tumble with a Celtic Uncomfortable staunch for Intercontinental Champion Gunther to assassinate the match with a brutal lariat. Following the match, the followers gave the Celtic Warrior Sheamus a standing ovation.

SmackDown Ladies’s Championship: Liv Morgan (c) vs. Shayna Baszler

The match started with Baszler trying to are trying an early armbar on the WWE SmackDown ladies’s champion. Baszler frail German suplexes and kicks to recall Morgan on the defensive. Morgan at closing won momentum into the match riding her knees into Baszler’s face for a two-count. Morgan almost won the match after locking in submission moves which integrated a triangle after which an armbar. 

Morgan hit Baszler’s head into the turnbuckle the utilization of a working powerbomb, nonetheless, Baszler fought abet and rapid frail Kirifuda Clutch and an armbar on Morgan. The champion became in a assign to prevail in the ropes to interrupt the withhold after which she hit her submission pass ‘The Oblivion’ to catch the private. 

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs The Judgment Day

The Judgement Day had the total benefits in the starting up having trapped Mysterio into their nook and keeping apart him some distance from Edge. Rey at closing made the mark Edge who surprisingly hit Balor with a 619 sooner than Mysterio hit a splash for a two-count. Dominik Mysterio who became at the ringside to present a engage to his father and edge precipitated a distraction to support quit Balor from hitting Edge with a Coup de Grace.

Despite an attack from Rhea Ripley, Dominik equipped an support to his father Rey with distraction helping him hit a 619 on Balor. Edge won the match hitting Balor with a spear. Then again, in a horrible turn of occasions, Dominik attacked Rey and Edge. The young Mysterio hit Dominik hit his father with a lariat and left the ring as Judgement Day seemed on and laughed. 

Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle

Rollins won an early advantage in the match when he drove Riddle into the ringside barricade with a powerbomb. The weak WWE Champion then hit Riddle with a suicide dive to ship him crashing into the commentary desk. Rollins hit a superplex on Riddle and became having a scrutinize to proceed the momentum staunch for Riddle to reverse the pass and hit him with a fisherman buster followed by a knee to the jaw. 

Riddle neared scored private over Rollins by making exercise of a triangle choke, but Rollins made the ruin out and hit Riddle with Riddle’s possess finisher. After loads of exchanges, Rollins hit Riddle with a pedigree for a two-count. Rollins tried to hit an RKO on Riddle, who blocked the pass and started to brutally attack him. Riddle even tried to hit Rollins with a chair but it became Rollins who completed the match with a stomp-off.

WWE Undisputed World Championship: Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

The starting up of the match witnessed Roman Reigns getting an increasing number of pissed off with followers cheering for Drew McIntyre. McIntyre took the fight to Reigns sooner than a runt distraction from Karrion Kross gave Reigns the advantage. Reigns started taunting McIntyre after striking him down on the canvas and frail a mic at some level of the center of the match to interrogate the crowd to acknowledge him.

The fight got intense with Reigns would possibly well most effective get two-count with a Rock Bottom to McIntyre. Reigns assign himself up a Superman Punch but were countered with a Future Shock DDT from McIntyre. The Scottish warrior tried to hit Reigns with Claymore, however the undisputed champion had a counter of his possess, hitting the Superman Punch. 

Reigns became left troubled after McIntyre kicked out of two spear attempts. Reigns berated the referee staunch for McIntyre to Claymore him into the genuine, knocking the referee to the exterior. Theory tried to earnings Money in the Bank staunch for Tyson Fury to nullify the attempt. As McIntyre became having a scrutinize to assassinate Reigns after a Claymore, Solo Sikoa pulled the referee out of the ring allowing Reigns ample time to Spear McIntyre and recall the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

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