Why close some of us employ donkey meat in Andhra Pradesh districts? Facts on donkey meat designate per kg, punishment

Reported By: DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Net Group |Offer: DNA Net Desk |Updated: Oct 11, 2022, 10: 20 AM IST

The Andhra Pradesh police on Monday seized over 400 kg of donkey meat in the Bapatla district. The police discovered the discarded physique parts of slain donkeys including heads, legs, and tails. They’ve arrested 7 of us below the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960. 

PETA India’s Meet Ashar acknowledged donkeys are social and soft animals but they were being hacked for meat in Andhra Pradesh. He appealed to the hundreds to characterize illegal donkey slaughter. 

Donkey slaughter and meat switch are illegal in India.

These occupied with these activities are responsible for a penal advanced duration of time of as much as 5 years or a glowing or both. 

The slaughter of donkeys violates Share 429 of the IPC. Consumption of donkey meat is punishable below the Meals Security and Standards Act, of 2006. 

In accordance with reports, donkeys are eaten in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna, West Godavari, and Guntur districts around the Prakasam festival. 

It is believed that eating donkey meat will heal attend wretchedness and asthma. Many direct donkey meat boosts sexual prowess.

Donkey meat sells for as worthy as Rs 600 per kg. 

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