WATCH | Afghans Speed To Kabul Airport as Rumour of Turkey Sending Planes Looking for Volunteers Spreads

Closing Up up to now: February 10, 2023, 12: 22 IST

Kabul, Afghanistan

The Taliban resorted to firing in the air to disperse the people and even lathi charged them with batons to send those rushing towards the airport to their homes (Image: Reuters/Representative)

The Taliban resorted to firing within the air to disperse the of us and even lathi charged them with batons to ship those rushing against the airport to their properties (Image: Reuters/Representative)

The concern also brings to attention the true fact that Afghanistan is going thru a most well-known humanitarian disaster and the easiest blueprint as a consequence of Taliban’s stubbornness, the worldwide community is unable to abet the Afghan of us

A video surfaced earlier this Wednesday from Kabul where hundreds of males had been viewed hurrying against Kabul Worldwide Airport after a rumour surfaced that the Turkish govt organised flights for volunteers to abet with earthquake relief.

Southern Turkey and northwestern Syria were hit with a devastating earthquake on Monday of 7.8-magnitude which has taken the lives of higher than 21,000 of us and injured tens of hundreds of others. Both worldwide locations possess welcomed rescue teams from at some stage within the arena to abet with rescuing those trapped beneath the rubble.

These are Kabul residents who’re running to the airport amidst a widely circulating rumour that Turkish planes had been waiting to amass volunteers to Turkey to aid with the earthquake relief. This modified into once no longer magnificent.Many Afghans are buying for any chance to flee. pic.twitter.com/xOGu036QLC

— Sara Wahedi (@SaraWahedi) February 9, 2023

Meanwhile, in Kabul, the deceptive rumour led to the avenue leading to the airport being blocked with vehicles and pedestrians. Talking to news outlet, the National, witnesses acknowledged that Taliban safety forces fired within the air to disperse the crowds.

A lot of thousand of us rushed against the airport and learned themselves caught shut to a location which beforehand housed the ragged US embassy.

The witnesses also advised the news outlet that Taliban safety forces had been hitting of us with batons and pushing abet pedestrians.

Taliban requested of us no longer to hurry to #KabulAirport & the “rumours of transporting of us without stride documents to Turkey is a lie”. This is night time following the unfold of a rumor that Turkish planes possess arrived at Kabul airport & are transporting 1/2 pic.twitter.com/ZcTsAqyB6Q— Zia Shahreyar l ضیا شهریار (@ziashahreyar) February 8, 2023

Around 11pm (native time) Kabul police chief Khalid Zadran and the Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Majid warned of us to manual sure of the airport. “Some of us possess unfold rumours that undocumented of us are being despatched to Turkey from Kabul airport, or Turkish planes possess arrived and undocumented of us are being brought abet to that country. These rumours diagram no longer possess any truth. Attain no longer enter the airport and diagram no longer disturb public expose,” Mujahid tweeted.

These scenes in Kabul quick reminded Afghans of the win 22 situation they win themselves in and the easiest blueprint precarious the guidelines and expose concern is, that any news of of us being allowed to head away Afghanistan is greeted with pleasure and cheer.

An economic disaster has gripped Afghanistan and as a consequence of the Taliban regime blocking females from training and no longer including minorities in resolution-making course of, world lenders and global organizations possess ideal lent minimal abet.

The scenes also reminded Afghans of August 2021 when Afghan females flung newborns against departing American infantrymen in Kabul airport as they willing to head away the country after two-a long time as Taliban forces overthrew the democratically-elected govt after US withdrawal from the place.

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