Ukraine claims to get away with Russian airborne regiment commander Serhiy Sukharev

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Ukraine has now claimed to devour killed Russian commander Serhiy Sukharev, who served as the commander of the 331st Kostroma Airborne Regiment.


In presumably the most novel blow to Putin’s Ukraine invasion, Kyiv has now claimed to devour killed Russian commander Serhiy Sukharev. Ukraine has claimed that the Armed Forces took down Sukharev, who served as the commander of the 331st Kostroma Airborne Regiment. This comes from the background of stories claiming that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has slowed down on all fronts.

 In accordance to stories, Sukharev in 2014 commanded the BTGr 331st Regiment, which shot columns of Ukrainian troopers shut to Ilovaisk. Ukraine’s claims scheme amid stories suggesting that the defending troops additionally killed a senior general of the Russian forces earlier in the day.

These stories on the takedown of senior officials succor claims that the Russian troops were seriously slowed down of their offence. Reviews devour additionally claimed that the motion of attacking troops has been stagnant in areas along with the outskirts of Kyiv. The file additionally backs Kyiv’s claims that it managed to inflict heavy losses on the Russian facet, forcing Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin to rethink the offence.

Russian Basic Gen Oleg Mityaev eradicated

Earlier on Wednesday, Ukraine claimed that Russian Basic Frequent Oleg Mityaev used to be killed in the fight between the two international locations. Ukrainian Interior Ministry manual Anton Gerashchenko acknowledged that Mityaev died all by the assault on Mariupol, which is a port city in Ukraine on Tuesday. Gerashchenko additionally acknowledged that Mityaev used to be the commander of the 150th motorised rifle division and had beforehand served in Syria. An image of the tiresome commander had circulated on the fetch. Interestingly, despite Kyiv’s claims of inflicting enormous losses on the Russian facet, Moscow is but to verify rather a lot of the claims.

Russian invasion of Ukraine largely stalled on all fronts: UK defence ministry

Interestingly, the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) on Thursday acknowledged that the Russian forces devour made minimal growth on land, sea or air in most novel days and they also continue to suffer heavy losses. In its most novel Defence Intelligence Change posted on social media, the MoD acknowledged that whereas the motion of Russia has largely stalled, the Ukrainian resistance remained smartly-coordinated. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has largely stalled on all fronts, the MoD intelligence change read. The huge majority of Ukrainian territory, along with all predominant cities, remains in Ukrainian hands, it added.


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