Two girls folk fight over Delhi metro seat as third woman eats evenly, viral video amuses netizens

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Not too long prior to now a video of two girls folk combating over seats in the Delhi metro started taking rounds on social media. A Twitter user shared a video the build two girls folk are viewed arguing over a seating plot in Delhi metro. Extra than 5,100 other folks get appreciated the video and above 168okay other folks get watched it. 

In the clip, a lady in a yellow saree is seated very with out problems along with her win on an empty seat whereas a lady in an orange kurta struggles to receive a seat for herself.  The fight begins when the seated woman refuses to produce the empty seat and the assorted woman forcefully sits in the diminutive scheme between the saree-clad woman and one other passenger. 

The seated woman is viewed to bid that she has reserved the seat for somebody and the assorted girls folk protests that. Whereas all right here’s going on one other woman is viewed seating evenly and playing her burger. 

“Nhi jagh hai – bout jagh hai”

Feminine Model  pic.twitter.com/ePcJkHEAe8

— Wellu (@Wellutwt) August 13, 2022

Netizens found the video amusing and even the unbothered woman who changed into as soon as drinking a burger whereas two girls folk were combating beside her. “I want this calmness in existence enjoy that Burger woman,” a user tweeted. 

“Moreover this woman is littering in Delhi metro and drinking too. @OfficialDMRC have to deal with shut action by distinction woman,” a user commented. Nonetheless, a user answered to the commenters asking DMRC to deal with shut action towards the burger woman by announcing no longer to enact as the girl is ‘cute’. “@OfficialDMRC don’t deal with shut any action towards her. She’s cute,” a user commented.

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