Throw revised syllabus into dustbin, says Siddaramaiah

At the same time as Karnataka Chief Minister disbanded the Textbook Revision Committee and tried to tug down the curtains on the controversy surrounding syllabus revision, chief of the opposition Siddaramaiah on Sunday talked about that the revised syllabus deserves to be thrown into the dustbin.

“Education Minister B.C. Nagesh has revealed the reality. He says syllabus revision has been made as sentiments of Hindus were wound. Now the minister must aloof elaborate who is a Hindu and who has wound their sentiments,” he talked about.

“Large protests rating damaged out and protesters are Hindus. They discontinue no longer belong to one other religion. Is it no longer so Minister Nagesh?” Siddaramaiah wondered.

The immense personalities love Basavanna, Dr B.R. Ambedkar, Savithri Bai Phule, Narayana Guru, Kuvempu had been facet-lined. The Chairman of the Revision Committee has looked down upon them while defending his revised syllabus. These allegations had been raised by Hindus, Siddaramaiah maintained.

He also wondered Minister Nagesh, “why students of backward and Dalit classes rating no longer chanced on illustration the least bit in the Textbook Revision Committee. Don’t they belong to the category of Hindus that Minister Nagesh is talking about? They were no longer given illustration on story of of caste reasons.”

He also talked about that Basavanna and Dr B.R. Ambedkar were no longer exceptional in the revised syllabus and were insulted as they changed their religion. Narayana Guru, Kuvempu had been overlooked as they highlighted drawbacks of Hindu religion, talked about Siddaramaiah.

“The Dalits and backward classes comprise correctly-organized chunk of inhabitants on this country. Pretty about a the kids who attain to authorities schools belong to those classes. The traits linked to syllabus revision rating pained them also,” Siddaramaiah talked about.

“Its no longer handiest majority Hindus, but 6.5 crore folk of Karnataka are wound by the revision of syllabus made by a person with perverted mindset. It want to be thrown into the dustbin,” he talked about.

The revision committee has revised the Kannada textbooks of class 1 to 10 and Social Science Textbooks of classes 6 to 10. The committee had also revised the History textbook of II PUC.

The controversy started as the committee integrated the speech of RSS Founder Good ample.B. Hedgewar and other appropriate wingers’ literary works in the syllabus. Non secular seers rating written letters to Chief Minister Bommai, alleging that Basavanna has been portrayed wrongly in the revised syllabus.

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