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Reported By: Simran Singh| Edited By: Simran Singh |Source: DNA webdesk |Up up to now: Feb 04, 2023, 10: 57 PM IST

Every week before the immense finale of Bigg Boss 16, Sumbul Touqeer Khan bought evicted from the prove. After spending 126 days within the home, Sumbul needed to uncover goodbye. After the exit, Sumbul joined DNA India for a candid conversation. Recalling her mosey, Touqeer states that she’s cheerful alongside with her eviction, and it turned into a discovering out expertise for her. Sumbul turned into nominated with two of her chums, Shiv Thakare and MC Stan.

Sumbul is overjoyed that she bought evicted, and neither Shiv nor Stan, “My chums bought nominated due to of me, so if I could well be saved, and any indubitably one of them would want to leave the prove, I would gain a guilt about it for a lifetime. Worthwhile the sport is severe, nevertheless residing with none guilt is equally main for me,” says the actress. 

Throughout the preliminary month of the season, Salman declared that Sumbul is ‘obsessed’ with Shalin Bhanot. Sumbul turned into regarded as a section of a take care of triangle with Shalin and Tina Datta. Sumbul remembers those ‘subtle’ moments within the home and says, “Whatever occurred with me turned into unfriendly. I turned into lawful being protective in direction of a chum, and that’s the reason what I am in trusty lifestyles. However rapidly, I realised that if trust no longer keep up a correspondence for myself, then it’d be unfriendly from my aspect.” 

See the video interview of Sumbul Touqeer Khan after Bigg Boss 16

Sumbul’s equation with Shalin changed enormously, and the 2 even had gruesome fights within the sport. Throughout her final days, Sumbul urged Shalin that she would never have interaction with him after the sport. When asks if she genuinely meant it, Touqeer adds, “When I turned into leaving the home, I hugged him politely, and assured him that I trust no longer retain any grudge the rest towards him.” She continues, “However that would not mean, I would meet him after the sport. I stand by my words. I mean it.” 

Sumbul finds that she wants MC Stan to recall Bigg Boss 16, “He’s a 21-three hundred and sixty five days-outmoded worthwhile rapper, and he hails from a various background. He has played the sport well, and I just like the man. So, if MC Stan would recall, it’d be colossal.” Khan thinks Shalin would not should always recall the prove, “Shalin and Tina didn’t make a contribution worthy to the prove. They lawful fought with every other to attract viewers. If he wins the prove, this can gain a unsuitable have an effect on on aspiring contestants. They’ll say that playing a ‘false take care of game’ would support them to live to tell the tale the prove.” At final, Khan adds that she will be able to grab a week’s ruin with family before resuming work. 

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