Sudden spike in HIV cases in India: Know strategies to guard your self from transmitting, contracting AIDS

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HIV is among the deadliest diseases and has no cure as soon as the disease reaches its explicit phases however it’ll prevent by taking about a measures.

For the past few days, India is witnessing a sudden spike in HIV cases. Primarily based on the reports,14 of us bear examined sure for HIV infection after getting tattooed from the native tattoo parlour. This horrific incident befell in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi. As per the reports, the the same needle became as soon as old customarily to keep the worth of the needle. So everyone needs to perform particular that that a recent needle is old earlier than tattooing.

In India, 23,18,737 of us are living with HIV, including 81,430 children. 

HIV is among the most existence-threatening diseases. HIV stands for Human immunodeficiency virus. It is the virus that can consequence within the procedure of the disease AIDS. HIV assaults the physique’s immune machine. Untreated, HIV reduces the determination of T cells within the physique. T cells help the physique fight disease, and HIV can extinguish so heaps of them that the physique becomes vulnerable. Infection and assorted forms of diseases can fetch earnings of a truly old immune machine. 

Even supposing, HIV is among the deadliest diseases and has no cure as soon as the disease reaches its explicit phases however it’ll prevent by taking about a measures.

1. Since ages the most frequent transmission is via sexual contact. Thus, warding off unprotected sexual intercourse is the correct ability to prevent the transmission of HIV. Rep your partner and your self examined earlier than the intercourse. Using condoms is a must excellent earlier than getting into any roughly sexual activity. Support a long way from getting fervent with extra than one sexual partners. 

2. The more than just a few frequent technique of HIV is blood transmission. So, getting blood transfused with out prior examination ought to restful be strictly prevented. Additionally, the unfold of HIV via blood becomes that it is possible you’ll presumably be ready to imagine with the utilization of syringes and or the tools that has been already old. Thus, reusing syringes for medication or even razors for personal use ought to restful be prevented. 

3. HIV repasses from the mummy to the child for the length of pregnancy or breastfeeding or offer thus, lawful medications and measures that will prevent the transmission of HIV to the child ought to restful be applied.

There are many methods to prevent HIV and slice the possibility of getting contaminated by being cautious while exchanging bodily fluids with a particular person. Rep examined incessantly within the event you watched a high probability of contracting HIV. Treating HIV on the early stage will toughen your outlook and conclude transmission to the assorted particular person. Within the event it is possible you’ll presumably even simply bear already been uncovered to HIV, originate taking antiretroviral remedy (ART) and day to day medication. ART will no longer fully cure HIV however slice the virus load from the physique.

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