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Shraddha Walkar’s slay case has taken one other delicate turn with the emergence of a complaint letter that she addressed to the police complaining about the accused and her live-in accomplice Aaftab Poonawala’s violent behaviour. Within the complaint letter to Tulinj police plight written in 2020, Shraddha wrote that she changed into overwhelmed by Aaftab who also threatened to slice her into objects.

‘Aaftab’s folk are equally accountable’: Shraddha’s buddy

Following the explosive revelation, Republic TV reached out to Shraddha’s buddy Rajat who stated that Aaftab changed into “too artful and too crafty” to isolate her from her family and guests. “The correct those that include been colorful that Aaftab is being violent to them include been Aaftab’s folk and it be so sad that his folk are no longer even traceable. They are unreachable,” Rajat told Republic.

Shraddha, in her complaint letter, told the police that the accused’s folk knew about their live-in relationship and would consult with them just a few weekends nonetheless they include been also mindful that Aaftab would usually beat Shraddha. 

“They are equally accountable for no topic has occurred,” Rajat stated in conjunction with that the police will deserve to include taken action after receiving the complaint letter. “The police when colorful that there changed into a threat to (Shraddha’s) lifestyles, try and slay changed into no doubt a mark that would include been there. And why include been those prices no longer set aside on Aaftab and on what grounds changed into Aaftab no longer puzzled and… who include been the officers…who shut this case?” he puzzled. “Right here’s no doubt disappointing from the Police’s aspect and there is not any such thing as a sorry for this. I judge every person is a failure and ought to be indecent about this,” Rajat added.

Why did Shraddha withdraw her complaint letter?

When requested about Shraddha’s withdrawal of the complaint letter and the prospects of Aaftab’s folk intervening, Rajat stated, “Completely they’ve”.

“The sad share is Aaftab’s folk from the very originate of their relationship knew Aaftab changed into what roughly a individual. He’s a drug addict, he’s anyone who threatens his accomplice, anyone who also beats her up. I wasn’t there at that time nonetheless the guests who include been there they train that she literally had blood marks below the cheekbone, shut to the neck, and likewise her waist, she had blood clots”, Shradda’s buddy revealed.

“And he or she went to the police plight with these extreme marks. How can the Police justify this by announcing that ‘she came and stated every part will likely be alright?” He also stated that Aaftab will deserve to include been punished in the Twelve months 2020 when the police first received the letter. 

Talking additional about the role of the accused’s folk, Rajat stated that Shraddha changed into no doubt pressurised to withdraw her complaint letter. “The correct folk that include been shut to her include been Aaftab’s folk. They are equally accountable for the slay that has occurred,” he stated.

When requested if there ought to be an investigation into the command of no assignment of the Maharashtra police, as promised by Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Rajat stated an investigation ought to smooth no doubt be implemented because the police “on the entire are no longer bothered to know what’s happening on your lifestyles”. 

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