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As Sheezan’s interrogation in the Tunisha suicide case progresses extra with the police additionally interrogating diverse of us related to both, Tunisha’s relative in the first-ever response to the media spoke with Republic TV. Significantly, as Sheezan’s custody ends this day, the police will predict for a 4-day extension before the court. 

Tunisha’s relative when asked about how overjoyed the family used to be with the police probe, he mentioned, “We can come to know this day.” He additionally commented on the flip-flops Sheezan is making alongside with his statements to the device, asserting, “If he used to be altering the statements keeping the model forward for his career in thoughts then used to be he no longer privy to it previously when he entered into the connection with Tunisha.” 

‘Sheezan betrayed me’: Tunisha to her mom

Republic TV additionally spoke with Sanjiv Kaushal, Tunisha’s uncle. He mentioned, “The family is in a converse of devastation by the news and no one is willing to comment. Tunisha used to be furious because it used to be her birthday on January 4.” Commenting on Tunisha’s WhatsApp little print he mentioned, “We are sharing the overall files with the police. They (police) are correctly doing their job. We have not any complaints. They’re exquisite their role. We have full religion in the police.”

When asked about Tunisha’s dread assault on December 16, Kaushal mentioned, “Tunisha had told her mom regarding the yelp to the doctor after the dread assault. She told her mom, Sheezan feeble and betrayed her, how can he attain that? She (Tunisha) mentioned the identical to her mom, doctor.”

Furthermore, he added, “In case Sheezan’s mom and sister screech this, please discover this confirmed. Both had visited the sanatorium to investigate about Tunisha’s health and additionally assured they might be able to reveal with Sheezan about this. I wasn’t most contemporary there but Tunisha’s mom is updating us regarding the incidents.”

“We have additionally heard, he (Sheezan) had an affair with a pair of girls. Tunisha had learn a chat on Sheezan’s phone, which she didn’t conform to and it grew to alter into the cause for the shatter-up,” he added.

Unquestionably, Tunisha’s mom additionally spoke with Sheezan and asked him if he did no longer deserve to growth extra with the connection then why did he exit alongside with her. “I fill no longer know why he’s constantly altering statements in front of the police, usually on the title of religion, usually he’s relating to the Delhi case and on every other event, he’s bringing in the age command. He is mendacity,” claimed Kaushal.

On being asked regarding the thought of both households on Tunisha and Sheezan tying the knot, Sanjiv Kaushal mentioned, “That you simply would be in a position to maybe derive the yelp of Tunisha’s space boy, the reality will point to for itself. They (Sheezan’s family) constantly known as Tunisha personally at every family feature. She additionally gave expensive gifts, for which she has lied a few instances to her kinfolk, which we got here to know lately. If they had been in opposition to their wedding then why would they call Tunisha for his or her capabilities?”

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