Samsung Leads Foldable Smartphone Section; Shipments Rise 264% In 2021

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The Global Recordsdata Corporation shares figures for the full replacement of smartphones bought in 2021 out of which foldable devices take 0.5%, led by Samsung.

Samsung leads the foldable smartphone segment, shipments rise 264% in 2021


Foldable smartphones are a relatively new class of devices. While there are more than one shapes and sizes of foldable smartphones available in the market, they either fold horizontally (Galaxy Z Fold 3) or vertically (Motorola Razr). The marketplace for foldable devices has grown exponentially over the final few years as companies luxuriate in bought better than seven million devices of foldable devices in 2021. 

Per a document by Global Recordsdata Corporation, the foldable smartphone class saw an elevate of 264.3% in 2021 as in contrast to 2020. Furthermore, the agency forecasts that the replacement of shipments will elevate from 1.9 million devices bought in 2020 to 27.6 million devices in 2025. The credit ranking unhurried this increase goes largely to Samsung’s readily available sequence of foldable smartphones, referred to as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung is the most up-tp-date foldable smartphone mark: Document

In December 2021, Samsung turned into as soon as reported to promote round 10 million devices of its foldable smartphone. Though the numbers attain now not seem to topple in line, they attain point to that Samsung has dominated the foldable smartphone section in 2021. The components contributing to Samsung’s success may perhaps perchance contain the absence of opponents available in the market, a stable constructed and draw and inner your means pricing of smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, which is for the time being available for Rs 84,999.

The Global Recordsdata Corporation shares figures for the full replacement of smartphones bought in 2021, which is 1.348 billion devices. The replacement of foldable bought in 2021, i.e. 7.1 million devices occupies 0.5% of the full replacement of smartphones. Furthermore, the suggestions compare agency also predicts that the foldable smartphone market will take about 1.8% of the full replacement of smartphones bought, with better than 27 million devices being bought. 

Anthony Scarsella, compare supervisor with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker says that the “fresh success of the foldable devices from Samsung has given a new life to the class as opponents breeze to enter the market.” Adding to it, Scarsella says that “Samsung has proven that there is consumer ask for foldable phones when they hit the ethical mark and revel in a more stable develop.” 

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