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Even in the face of backlash, Salman Khurshid remained firm on the parallel he drew between Rahul Gandhi and Lord Ram. Talking to the media, Khurshid essentially, reiterated his commentary and wondered as to why it used to be taken as ‘disrespect’ when he ‘hailed’ Lord Ram.

In a weird and wonderful commentary, Khurshid had likened Rahul Gandhi to Lord Ram, Congress workers to the Hindu God’s brother Bharath, and Bharat Jodo Yatra to Ramayan. “Lord Ram’s ‘khadau’ goes very some distance. Sometimes when Ram ji is no longer in a quandary to attain, Bharat takes the ‘khadau’ and goes to areas. Worship that, now we bear carried the ‘khadau’ in UP. Now that ‘khadau’ has reached UP, Ram ji (Rahul Gandhi) will even come,” he had said. 

‘Don’t evoke controversy in the title of Lord Ram’

Submit his commentary, the Congress chief got backlash from BJP. On Twitter, the saffron birthday party’s national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said that Khurshid used to be surroundings aside ‘Bhagwan Bhakti’ and ‘Desh Bhakti’ for ‘Parivar Bhakti’. He also wondered if the Congress chief may maybe perchance ever originate identical analogies for diversified faiths, and accused him of taking liberty most productive with ‘Hindu Aastha’. 

Moreover, Nalin Kohli, a bolt-setter of the BJP accused the Congress of ‘very without problems accepting and refusing the existence of Lord Ram.’ Coming to Khurshid’s observation, Kohli warned him in opposition to the usage of the title of the Hindu God ‘as per his comfort’.

In a relate to turn the tables, Khurshid said, “They are the ones who are if truth be told disrespecting Lord Ram, with the debates and discussions. Don’t evoke controversy in the title of Lord Ram, he belongs to everybody. Poets bear also said that Lord Ram is Imam-e-Hind. So before slamming me, slam them for calling Lord Ram Imam-e-Hind. What is Imam-e-Hind?”

“No one may maybe perchance be when compared to God. Nonetheless I adore the oldsters that stroll on the course of God. If any individual does ‘tapasya’ for lawful work, if we peek ‘maryada purushottam’ in any individual’s behaviour, can no longer we praise that individual?” he additional said, looking to manipulate the atomize. 

Image: PTI

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