Russia Ukraine battle LIVE: Zelenskyy proposes swap of Putins ally for Ukraines opponents

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Russia Ukraine battle has now entered day 50 with restful no peace agreement in ask between both aspect. The Western countries possess ramped up toughen for Kyiv while Moscow appears to handle aid the sanctions imposed by the leisure of the sector. Kyiv captured Putin’s ally and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy proposed a swap for the Kremlin chief’s aide’s release.

Russia Ukraine war

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03: 40 IST, April 15th 2022

‘They’ve been making an strive to waste us for 50 days,’ says Zelenskyy as he asks for extra weapons

They’ve been making an strive to waste us for 50 days, however the 🇺🇦 folks are heroically resisting. We dismay nothing, we know what we’re struggling with for. We are courageous ample to position an discontinue to contaminated. Cease feeding the 🇷🇺 military machine. Aid 🇺🇦 with weapons. Then peace & precise will buy faster. pic.twitter.com/WdDbZsvZ4e

— Володимир Зеленський (@ZelenskyyUa) April 14, 2022


03: 32 IST, April 15th 2022

Air-raid alert to your complete territory of Ukraine


03: 31 IST, April 15th 2022

Russian cruiser Moskva ‘misplaced its stability’ says Russian MoD

Russia’s Ministry of Protection has acknowledged that the warship Moskva that has sunk misplaced its stability due to hull damage got all over a fire from the detonation of ammunition while it became as soon as being towed to the port of destination, in accordance to Tass. Conflicting accounts possess emerged on each Ukraine and Russia aspect as Russian Protection Ministry says Moskva sank in a storm after being gutted by fire due to ammunition fire, while Ukraine forces stutter that it hit the flagship of Russia’s Dusky Sea fleet with missiles.

Russia acknowledged a fire aboard the Moskva however no attack. US and varied Western officials would possibly maybe maybe also now not verify what led to the blaze.


03: 15 IST, April 15th 2022

Ukraine battle and inflation threaten world economic system: IMF

The high of the Global Monetary Fund warned that Russia’s battle against Ukraine became as soon as weakening the economic prospects for quite lots of the sector’s worldwide locations and called high inflation “a clear and new distress” to the realm economic system.

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva acknowledged the penalties of Russia’s invasion had been contributing to economic downgrades for 143 worldwide locations, though most of them would possibly maybe maybe also restful continue to grow.

The battle has disrupted world alternate in energy and grain and is threatening to living off meals shortages in Africa and Heart East. Georgieva made her feedback in a speech on the eve of subsequent week’s spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.

An stable recovery from 2020’s pandemic recession has caught businesses all of sudden, leaving factories, ports and freight yards unable to gain up with sturdy customer query of and forcing costs elevated.

“In an worldwide the establish battle in Europe creates hunger in Africa; the establish a virus can circle the globe in days and reverberate for years; the establish emissions anywhere mean rising sea stages nearly in each region — the menace to our collective prosperity from a breakdown in world cooperation can now not be overstated,” Georgieva acknowledged.

“Now,” Georgieva acknowledged, “grain and corn costs are hovering, and leaders across Africa and the Heart East are telling me that offers are running low. Food insecurity is a grave quandary.

“We should act now with a multilateral initiative to bolster meals security. The replace is dire: More hunger, extra poverty and extra social unrest — especially for worldwide locations that possess struggled to flee fragility and conflict for lots of years.”

Associated Press


03: 06 IST, April 15th 2022

Two extra young folks die after missile attack on stutter establish of living

Ukraine’s defence ministry has acknowledged that two extra young folks possess died from the accidents after the Kramatorsk stutter establish of living attack by the Russian troops closing week. This has taken the death toll to 59, including seven young folks.

Two extra young folks possess died after being hit by a 🇷🇺 missile on the railway establish of living in #Kramatorsk. The total quantity of victims reached 59, including 7 young folks. A bloody young folks’s toy will likely be sent by @NPU_GOV_UA to the @UN as proof of this barbaric crime.

📷 by Roman Kulyk pic.twitter.com/A4ZFjK2JzL

— Defence of Ukraine (@DefenceU) April 14, 2022


02: 40 IST, April 15th 2022

Russian military says damaged Moskva missile cruiser has sunk

Russian military says the damaged Moskva missile cruiser has sunk while being towed to a port. The Russian Protection Ministry acknowledged the Moskva sank Thursday in a storm after being gutted by fire. The ministry beforehand acknowledged a fire on the warship spark off some of its weapons and forced the crew to evacuate.

Russian warship, what are you sinking?

— Ukraine / Україна (@Ukraine) April 14, 2022

However Ukrainian officials acknowledged the Moskva, the flagship of the Russian Dusky Sea Hasty, became as soon as hit by Ukrainian missiles tiresome Wednesday off the Ukrainian Dusky Sea port of Odessa. The US became as soon as now not ready to verify Ukraine’s claims of placing the warship, US nationwide security adviser Jake Sullivan acknowledged Thursday. Mild, he called it “a giant blow to Russia.”

Source: Associated Press


02: 37 IST, April 15th 2022

Latvian financial institution SEB to forestall servicing funds to Belarus and Russia


02: 32 IST, April 15th 2022

Zelenskyy holds telephonic dialogue with French President Emmanuel Macron

Held negotiations with 🇫🇷 President @EmmanuelMacron. Discussed the investigation of Russian crimes, the resistance of 🇺🇦 folks to the invader. We fancy the stable toughen of 🇫🇷. The negotiation process became as soon as additionally mentioned. We try for peace in Ukraine, in Europe!

— Володимир Зеленський (@ZelenskyyUa) April 14, 2022


02: 19 IST, April 15th 2022

EU has ‘no life like replace’ for Russian gas: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Western worldwide locations’ attempts to segment out Russian gas imports will possess a “destructive affect on their economies” as EU has “no life like replace” for Russian gas. Talking Thursday, Putin acknowledged European attempts to hunt out decisions to Russian gas shipments will likely be “rather painful for the initiators of such insurance policies.”

Putin renowned that “offers from varied worldwide locations that can even be sent to Europe, primarily from the US, would label customers many occasions extra.” He added it would “affect folks’s fashioned of living and the competitiveness of the European economic system.”


01: 45 IST, April 15th 2022

US says will reestablish diplomatic presence in Ukraine ‘as rapidly as it would possibly maybe maybe well be safe’

US Utter Division spokesperson Ned Tag has acknowledged that Washington plans to restore its diplomatic presence in Ukraine “as rapidly as it would possibly maybe maybe well be safe.” When asked about when Washington would reopen embassies citing examples of assorted countries working diplomatic operations, Tag wired that the Bden administration is evaluating when it would possibly maybe maybe well be safe to possess the US diplomats on the ground in Ukraine. There is “no indication” that this could happen in the shut to future, he iterated. 


01: 37 IST, April 15th 2022

Six Ukraine helicopters performed airstrikes on Russian village of Klimovo: Kremlin

Kremlin is claiming that on the least six helicopters of the Ukraine Armed Forces possess performed airstrikes on the village of Klimovo in the Russian establish of living of Bryansk. It cited the investigative committee report and acknowledged that seven Russian civilians possess died from the attack. The Governor of Russia’s Bryansk establish of living acknowledged in a telegram change that two residential buildings in the village had been hit by Ukraine shelling that targetted the civilians. Additional, he claimed that Ukraine’s Navy has attacked one more village in Russia’s Belgorod establish of living. 


01: 32 IST, April 15th 2022

Sweden, Finland becoming a member of NATO will ‘seriously irritate military thunder’ warns Russia

Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Alexander Grushko, has warned that the prospects of Finland and Sweden becoming a member of the NATO defensive Alliance will “seriously irritate military thunder” as Kremlin will buy “security and defense measures that we can believe well-known.” In an interview with mutter-owned news agency Tass, the Russian minister threatened “the most undesirable penalties” if the 2 just countries joined the Alliance and “brought the military to Russia’s doorstep.” 


01: 27 IST, April 15th 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron declines to stutter time frame ‘genocide’ for Russian atrocities

French President Emmanuel Macron declined to stutter the timeframe “genocide” to characterize Russia’s Ukraine battle, arguing against an “escalation of words.” Requested about the stutter of the timeframe by U.S. President Joe Biden, Macron acknowledged “the note genocide ought to be spelled out by jurists, now not by politicians.”

Talking on French radio France Bleu, Macron acknowledged he spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday and would possibly maybe maybe also restful talk again with him later that day. He acknowledged he’ll discontinue “the entirety to complete this battle and discontinue by the Ukrainians’ aspect.”

Macron beforehand denounced “battle crimes” in Ukraine and France sent magistrates and police officers to attend the Global Criminal Court, which opened an investigation, in accordance with Associated Press report. 


01: 18 IST, April 15th 2022

Russia accuses Ukrainian forces of launching airstrikes on Russian establish of living of Bryansk

Russian authorities possess accused Ukrainian forces of launching air strikes on the Russian establish of living of Bryansk which borders with Ukraine, the most recent in a chain of allegations of gross-border attacks by Kyiv on Russian territory. Russia’s Investigative Committee alleged that two Ukrainian military helicopters entered Russia’s air region on Thursday and, “transferring at low altitude, acting deliberately, they performed on the least six air strikes on residential buildings in the village of Klimovo,” about 11 kilometers some distance flung from the Russian border.

It acknowledged on the least six homes in the village had been damaged and seven folks, including a child, sustained accidents. The Investigative Committee has launched a probe into the attack. Russia’s mutter security service, or the FSB, additionally accused Ukrainian forces of firing mortars at a border put up in the Bryansk establish of living.

Source: Associated Press


01: 02 IST, April 15th 2022

France plans to pass its Ukrainian embassy aid to Kyiv

France is brooding about to pass its Ukraine embassy aid to Kyiv, French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba all over a mobile phone dialog. In a statement later, the french foreign ministry acknowledged that this “redeployment will happen very rapidly and would possibly maybe maybe also restful allow France to deepen its backing for Ukraine even extra in all spheres to face the battle unleashed by Russia on February 24.” 

“We [france] possess in suggestions returning remains unthinkable for those French folks who lived in Ukraine. The return of French compatriots this day remains formally prohibited,” the French government acknowledged in a statement adding that “the total of Ukraine remains a battle zone”.


00: 59 IST, April 15th 2022

‘Ukraine is a crime scene’ says high ICC prosecutor after Bucha, Irpin jog to

Global Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor Karim Khan who has now not too lengthy ago visited the Ukrainian cities of Bucha and Borodyanka this week has described the scenes of the civilian killing as “battle crime.” the ICC prosecutor visited the mass graves the establish he chanced on the civilian ineffective our bodies buries in plastic baggage after facing atrocities in the hands of the Russian forces sooner than they retreated. 

“Ukraine is a crime scene. We’re right here because we possess life like grounds to think that crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC are being committed. We ought to pierce the fog of battle to regain to the actual fact,” Khan acknowledged after visiting Bucha. 


00: 54 IST, April 15th 2022

Ukraine crew to change suspended Russian crew at 2022 World Volleyball Championship


00: 25 IST, April 15th 2022

Moscow accuses Ukraine forces’ strive against helicopter of attacking Russian city

Russia has accused the Ukrainian forces strive against helicopters of coming into their city and hitting residential buildings. The attacks possess injured on the least  seven folks in the Bryansk establish of living of Russia. The governor of the Belgorod establish of living in a Telegram change alleged that Ukrainian troopers bombed the Russian villages, and one particular person became as soon as injured.

The Ukrainian government’s Centre for Countering Disinformation refuted the claims and accused the Russian intelligence services and products of “a draw to achieve terrorist acts to whip up anti-Ukrainian hysteria” in Russia.

Russia mentioned two purported attacks in Bryansk however did now not metion about airstrike. Two Ukrainian strive against helicopters with heavy offensive weapons performed six airstrikes on the village of Klimovo, Russia’s investigative committee acknowledged. Six buildings had been damaged and seven folks had been injured, in accordance with Russian news agency RIA.


00: 11 IST, April 15th 2022

Russia warns this would possibly ‘bolster military’ if Sweden, Finland be a half of NATO

Moscow has sent a warning to the just states of Finland and Sweden asserting that this would possibly “double military forces” if the 2 countries joined NATO defensive Alliance. Deputy chair of Russia’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, warned in a statement that if countries brought military on Russia’s Western flank Moscow will deploy gorgeous quantity of ground- and air-defense forces. 

Medevedev acknowledged, “this would possibly no longer be doable to chat about any non-nuclear mutter of the Baltic, the stability ought to be restored.” 


00: 02 IST, April 15th 2022

Turkey restful working to put collectively meeting between Putin and Zelenskyy

Turkey continues to be making an strive to put collectively a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, acknowledged. In an interview with Turkish news channel NTV, Cavusoglu acknowledged Turkey is drawing shut the topic to put collectively the talks between Russian and Ukrainian presidents with “cautious optimism.” 

“We know well-known issues will likely be made up our minds at chief diploma, so we can try to bring leaders collectively,” he acknowledged. 


23: 42 IST, April 14th 2022

Bodies of 73 civilians eliminated from mass grave shut to Church of St. Andrew, Bucha

The our bodies of 73 folks had been eliminated from a mass grave shut to the Church of St. Andrew in the #Kyiv establish of living of #Bucha, the mayor of the city, Anatoliy Fedoruk, acknowledged.

A complete of 403 our bodies had been chanced on in Bucha. Essentially based totally on the mayor, 167 folks had been identified. pic.twitter.com/Fr76ABrwGY

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) April 14, 2022


23: 26 IST, April 14th 2022

Millions with disabilities at distress in Ukraine, UN says

UN committee has warned in a report that it is “deeply jumpy” as virtually 2.7 million folks with disabilities in Ukraine are at distress due to the continuing battle.  “Of us with disabilities possess diminutive or no regain entry to to emergency data, shelters and safe havens, and lots of had been separated from their toughen networks, leaving them unable to reply to the thunder and navigate their atmosphere,” UN acknowledged in a report on Thursday. Additional it warned that many Ukrainians with incapacity “possess now not been ready to hover to security”.


23: 13 IST, April 14th 2022

‘If Putin starts any aggression against NATO or Baltic countries, it is a red line’ warns Polish chief

“We are willing for this. No longer handiest we however additionally our allies. All contributors of #NATO are willing. If Vladimir Putin starts any aggression against Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Finland, whether it is in NATO – this can even be a red line for all of us,” acknowledged Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman. pic.twitter.com/DbUmLrJuAU

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) April 14, 2022


23: 08 IST, April 14th 2022

Russian officials voice gross-border strikes by Ukrainian forces

Russian officials possess alleged that the Ukrainian forces possess performed gross-border attacks on Russian territory. The governor of Russia’s Belgorod establish of living acknowledged in a statement on Telegram that the village of Spodaryushino, shut to the border with Ukraine, had been shelled by Ukrainian forces. No casualties or destruction of residential buildings had been reported. The shelling became as soon as reported in two villages, Bezymeno and Spodaryushino that had been evacuated.  Gladkov acknowledged in a separate statement there had been “shelling from the Ukrainian aspect” on the village of Zhuravlyovka, as successfully as in Belgorod establish of living adding that there became as soon as fashioned destruction led to in the Russian territory. 


22: 55 IST, April 14th 2022

Kremlin crackdown silences battle protests in Russia

A feeble police officer who mentioned Russia’s invasion on the mobile phone. A priest who preached to his congregation about the struggling of Ukrainians. A pupil who held up a banner with out a words — wonderful asterisks.

Many of of Russians are facing costs for talking out against the battle in Ukraine since a repressive regulation became as soon as passed closing month that outlaws the spread of “false data” about the invasion and disparaging the military.

Human rights groups command the crackdown has led to criminal prosecutions and doable penal complex sentences for on the least 23 folks on the “false data” price, with over 500 others facing misdemeanor costs of disparaging the military that possess both led to hefty fines or are expected to result in them.

The Kremlin has sought to manage the yarn of the battle from the moment its troops rolled into Ukraine. It dubbed the attack a “particular military operation” and elevated the tension on neutral Russian media that called it a “battle” or an “invasion,” blockading regain entry to to many news sites whose coverage deviated from the legit line.

Source: Associated Press


22: 41 IST, April 14th 2022

Biden deciding whether or now to now not ship a senior administration legit to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has acknowledged that he’s restful working with his crew and making a deicsion whether or now not or now not he would possibly maybe maybe also restful dispatch a senior member of his administration to Ukraine. “We’re making that determination now,” Biden told newshounds as he became as soon as asked if he would ship a senior legit to Ukraine. Also, when enquired who does does he draw to ship to Ukraine, Biden asked American reporter: “You ready to pass?”

White Home separately acknowledged: “we’re restful in discussions, deciding this. As you understand, clearly we’re in contact with the Ukrainian government on daily foundation – somewhat typically and so I wonderful don’t possess the leisure to preview any extra,” valuable deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told American newshounds aboard Air Power One. 


22: 35 IST, April 14th 2022

Turkey maybe did now not attend Russian military evacuate from Moskva vessel


22: 19 IST, April 14th 2022

US had ‘annoying and detailed’ intelligence on Russian invasion closing year

US had intelligence on a “important new invasion” of Ukraine closing year across the time of Autumn, CIA’s director has acknowledged, in accordance with sky news. washington already had a “annoying and detailed” intelligence that outlined Russia’s President Vladimir Putin “stewed” in criticism, ambition and insecurity, William Burns acknowledged. That intelligence has been “well-known” to Ukraine’s fight against Russia, he added.


22: 09 IST, April 14th 2022

Ukrainian strike on Russian ship is ‘remarkably inept’, says West

Western officials possess acknowledged that while it is unclear what’s currently the mutter of the Russian ship Moskva they added that the events and Russia’s model of the attack would possibly maybe maybe now not be credible. “I am now not mindful beforehand of a fire on board a capital warship which had led to the ammunition journal exploding as a consequence,” an legit told Guardian, calling it “remarkably inept” if it proved precise.

“The fact that it’s been damaged to some of degree the establish it is both inoperable or below tow is a well-known blow,” the legit acknowledged. He extra added that “mountainous determination, ingenuity and initiative of Ukrainian forces in sigh so that you simply can strike at Russian forces the establish per chance they beforehand concept they had been invulnerable, and a well-known affect on Russian maritime operations”.


21: 08 IST, April 14th 2022

Scholz faces tension to step up Germany’s weapons offers to Ukraine

German chancellor Olaf Scholz is facing intense tension from his ruling coalition to step up offers of fingers to Ukrainian troops. In spite of initiating a historic reversal of Germany’s beforehand frugal defense policy, Scholz has since been hesitant to pass past initial offers of conserving gear, ammunitions and rockets. 

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