Prithvi Shaw selfie controversy: Lady claims cricketer was below the impact of alcohol and ‘hit her with a bat’

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Cricketer Prithvi Shaw was “below the impact of alcohol” and attacked her with his bat, in accordance with the attorney of a woman detained on Thursday for reportedly assaulting the batsman after he refused to raise a photo along with her pals for the second time.

The arrested woman has been is believed as Sapna Gill, a illustrious social media influencer, in accordance with an official from the Oshiwara Police Diagram. She is one among the eight accused towards whom a case has been registered. Talking to ANI, Gill’s attorney, Advocate Ali Kashif Khan Deshmukh, alleged that Shaw had assaulted the lady with his bat.

“In the 5-important person resort, social media influencer Sapna Gill lawful went to Prithvi Shaw as a fan for taking a selfie with him. They had been having a occasion, Prithvi Shaw was below the impact of alcohol and he was keeping a bat in his hand and he hit with his bat to Sapna. Then the following day, he went to the police and filed the case,” claimed Deshmukh.

The attorney further declared that they would file a case towards the cricketer, emphasizing the gravity of the pains.

“Now, we can file the case towards Prithvi Shaw because he was below the impact of alcohol. He drove the auto as successfully in a drunken verbalize and we moreover got to clutch that he had hit one bike too. He has crushed influencer Sapna with the bat. We are in a position to file a case below sections 354, 509 and 334 on him. Sapna gill and Prithvi shaw must restful no longer have any previous relationship with every different, she lawful went to raise a selfie with him. We are attempting to get influencer bail and then we can file the FIR towards the cricketer,” he added.

Severely, eight of us had been arrested for allegedly assaulting Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw after the batsman declined to raise a selfie with them for the second time.

Shaw was within the auto when it was attacked by the accused, who then proceeded to trek the auto of Shaw’s buddy. Luckily, Shaw was ready to elope in any other car and assign away from further harm.

In step with the complainant, Prithvi Shaw had gone to a luxurious 5-important person resort in Santacruz for dinner with his pals when a bunch of unknown of us approached their table and requested a selfie. The cricketer graciously obliged two of them with selfies, but quickly after, the same group returned, inquiring for added selfies. Shaw in a successfully mannered plan declined, explaining that he had come to advantage from a meal with his pals and did now not love to be skittish. When they persisted in their request, one among Prithvi’s pals called the resort supervisor and lodged a complaint. In response, the resort supervisor asked the accused to depart the premises.

When Shaw and his buddy emerged from the resort after a elegant dinner, they had been met with a horrifying leer: the accused had been ready open air the resort, armed with baseball bats and ready to wreak havoc. They proceeded to rupture the entrance and rear dwelling windows of their car, which had been parked near Jogeshwari’s Lotus petrol pump. By shock, a woman approached the auto and commenced to hurl insults at them, even going thus a ways as to search info from Rs 50,000 or else she would file a spurious case. In response, the complainant quick made his plan to the Oshiwara Police Diagram to file a case.

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