Pak-Backed Hardliner Islamists Radicalising UK Muslims over Kashmir, Rishi Sunak Govt On the spot

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Final Updated: February 10, 2023, 10: 41 IST

London, United Kingdom

A group of pro-Khalistan supporters take out a rally in Southall in this undated photo. The UK government were warned regarding the group and its potential for creating disharmony in a report earlier (Image: YouTube)

A neighborhood of professional-Khalistan supporters take out a rally in Southall in this undated portray. The UK govt had been warned regarding the neighborhood and its doable for creating disharmony in a file earlier (Image: YouTube)

The UK govt became warned that there became a rising chance from hardliner Islamists and professional-Khalistan movement and said that Islamist extremism is a fundamental chance to the UK

A puny sequence of professional-Khalistan teams and Pakistan-backed clerics radicalising UK’s Muslims over Jammu and Kashmir beget raised considerations for the UK govt. A review published by the UK govt, which became accessed by the PTI, said Islamist extremism is a fundamental chance to the UK.

It identified cases of radicalisation of UK Muslims over Kashmir and termed the professional-Khalistan sentiment seen in a share of participants from the UK Sikh neighborhood as ‘potentially toxic’.

The review became share of the ‘End’ technique that the UK govt presented to nip the act of indoctrinating young minds into radicalism and push them in opposition to extremism.

The review published earlier this week said that rhetoric from Pakistan is impacting UK Muslim communities. It inflames anti-India sentiment round Jammu and Kashmir and mentions a Pakistani cleric with a UK following, calling for utilizing violence in Kashmir.

“I beget seen evidence of UK extremist teams, as effectively as a Pakistani cleric with a UK following, calling for utilizing violence in Kashmir. I beget additionally seen evidence demonstrating that flashpoints associated to Kashmir lead to a fundamental surge in interest from UK Islamists,” the file said.

Europe is additionally coming into phrases with growing intolerance among radical and hardliner Muslims with appreciate to blasphemy. The controversy among what constitutes freedom of expression and what’s blasphemy has inflamed tensions between liberals in Europe and hardliner Muslims.

“There is a portion of crossover between other folks that look to impose limits round blasphemy with other folks that remark incendiary rhetoric on Kashmir,” the file said.

It wants to be notorious that in UK’s Leicester, violence erupted between the participants of the Indian and Pakistani neighborhood after some anti-social parts attempted to disrupt the communal concord by spreading rumours on social media, whereas some miscreants insulted the Indian neighborhood by targeting retailers, businesses and defacing the national flag.

‘Be Conscious of Pro-Khalistan Extremism’

The file additionally said that the End program wants to consider of professional-Khalistan extremism emerging from the UK’s Sikh communities. The file said that a wrong story is being disseminated by few professional-Khalistan teams working within the UK.

They are peddling wrong recordsdata that the UK govt is working with the government of India to persecute Sikhs.

“Such teams’ narratives glorify violence implemented by the professional-Khalistan movement in India. Whereas the most recent chance is low, reward for violence in a single other nation and a simultaneous perception in a express-led campaign of repression domestically is a potentially toxic combination for the future,” the file said.

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