News18 in Ukraine | How Russians Managed to Retract Over Kherson Airport and Lost it Later

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Kyiv, Ukraine

A Ukrainian soldier walks in front of a destroyed building of the International Airport of Kherson in the village of Chornobaivka, outskirts of Kherson. (File photo/AFP)

A Ukrainian soldier walks in entrance of a destroyed building of the World Airport of Kherson in the village of Chornobaivka, outskirts of Kherson. (File remark/AFP)

The Kherson airport now appears extra admire a battlefield below continual Russian shelling of the airfield and its vicinity

One Year of Ukraine War

A year into the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the Kherson airport in the struggle-torn nation wears the see of a bombed out and a abandoned building. The airfield, which as soon as had well-liked flights to London and European cities, was a battlefield for the reason that invasion of Kyiv in February final year.

The airport now appears extra admire a battlefield below continual Russian shelling of the airfield and its vicinity. Who would judge that the Kherson airport was as soon as as soon as an international airport.

A spherical of shelling broke out correct when CNN-News18 was as soon as visiting the airport. A militia escort acknowledged the shells had landed in the instant neighbourhood of the airport.

Bloody three hundred and sixty five days

It’s been a bloody and unfavorable year for the Chornobaivka airport in the north of Kherson. The Russians took it within three days of their invasion.

They entrenched themselves on the airport, stationing loads of infantry and air devices, that integrated what regarded as if it’d be mighty out of date airplane that the Russian militia had been light utilizing.

Russia bumped into a topic they weren’t looking ahead to. They captured Kherson but no longer neighbouring Mykolaiv. That supposed that the airport lay well within the differ of Ukrainian militia stationed in and spherical Mykolaiv.

The Ukrainians peppered the airport and the Russian facilities there with artillery fire, forcing the Russians to withdraw loads of of their devices.

As the Ukrainians closed in across the Russians slack final year, they stormed the airport inflicting heavy losses on the Russians. But after being compelled out of Kherson in November, the Russians proceed to shell the airport and its neighbourhood to make certain the Ukrainians can no longer utilize it.


Both the Russians and the Ukrainians possess taken heavy losses at this airport. But Russians clearly had the worst of it. The airport turned a graveyard for Russian airplane ever since they moved in. Two Russian generals had been amongst the casualties the Ukrainians inflicted on the airport.

As of now, the airport is formally below Ukrainian put watch over – but within straightforward shelling distance of Russian positions on the left financial institution of the Dnipro River. It is now the flip of the Russians to assault the airport and to take attacking it and all they pick to hit in Kherson.

This has supposed that the Ukrainians can no longer utilize the airport although they’ve it below their put watch over. This may maybe perhaps perhaps also lift some extreme boundaries for any counteroffensive Ukraine may maybe perhaps perhaps even be planning in the south.

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