Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brother will get badly trolled for accusing actor of ‘beating his staff’: ‘Kuch sharam kar….’

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Extra anxiety has scheme actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The actor has now been accused of physically assaulting his staff by his brother, filmmaker Shamas Nawab Siddiqui. The actor has been embroiled in a protracted honest fight along with his spouse Aaliya over a property dispute with her accusing him of assault and harrassment besides.

In the latest construction, Shamas shared a recording on Twitter which claims to be a conversation with Nawazuddin’s manager the put he it sounds as if admits that the actor beat up undoubtedly one of his staff members. The particular person heard in the video says in Hindi that Nawaz beat somebody named Avdesh on the morning of a shoot. He talked about he slapped him twice and that one thing adore this had took place earlier besides.

However, it could possibly well possible no longer be verified if the divulge in the audio used to be certainly of Nawazuddin’s manager and whether the incident talked about did happen. Sharing the clip, Shamas wrote alongside, “Got this video as a gift of #Holi…As per routine, #NawazuddinSiddiqui beats his staff – his manager is telling that he hit his boy for the 2d time. Even though this donkey has additionally been beaten in the airport and region of enterprise. Its honest video shall be launched.”

— Shamaas Nawab Siddiqui (@ShamaasNS) March 7, 2023

The filmmaker used to be trolled by many fans of the actor, who claimed the audio regarded fraudulent. “Bhai ye to tune fraudulent bh banaya hoskta hain (It could possibly probably truly had been a fraudulent recording made by you) shiny to secure consideration and further money from @Nawazuddin_S,” read one comment. Shamas had directed his brother in his movie Bole Choodiyan however the 2 bear no longer considered scrutinize to scrutinize since tehy fell out at some level of the post manufacturing of that movie. Earlier, Shamas had accused Nawaz of ‘buying for hs methodology out of tension’ after a examine against him modified their statement and talked about the case used to be false.

Nawazuddin has, in the latest previous, been combating a preference of controversies and honest case over a property filed by his estranged spouse Aaliya. She has claimed that she used to be harrassed by Nawaz and later thrown out of their home. Nawaz has countered the allege announcing all allegations are false. The couple has two teens – Shora and Yani. Aaliya had moved to Dubai in 2021 and simplest honest no longer too prolonged ago returned to Mumbai with the kids.

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