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Director Mani Ratnam neutral currently praises RRR director SS Rajamouli for animated his film Ponniyin Selvan.

Mani Ratnam and SS Rajamouli

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South Indian director Mani Ratnam gave props to RRR director SS Rajamouli for being the foundation at the wait on of his film Ponniyin Selvan. Both SS Rajamouli and Mani Ratnam hold been section of a dialog, the build they spoke about assorted sides of their careers and experiences. After being asked about who influenced Mani Ratnam doubtlessly the most, the director pointed in direction of SS Rajamouli. 

The iconic directors sat together one day of a panel at the South India Media and Entertainment Summit. Within the panel, hosted by actor Anu Haasan, both Rajamouli and Ratnam hold been asked a entire lot of questions by the target audience. Ratnam, while responding to a search recordsdata from, said that SS Rajamouli impressed him through Baahubali. 

The director went on to brand that he changed into puzzled as to how he could stagger about making his film Ponniyin Selvan for a huge selection of years. Nonetheless, when Baahubali got right here out, it suggested the legend in two sides, which cleared up the trend for Mani Ratnam. 

I deem, Rajamouli. I will express you why. You realize… I even hold been making an strive to construct this film known as Ponniyin Selvan for years, and I could now not salvage a plot, till Baahubali got right here. The one good thing it did changed into… it got right here in two sides. You may maybe presumably express a legend in two sides and steal the target audience glued. It ethical opened my… you understand… risk of me making the film. If Baahubali hadn’t reach in two sides, I wouldn’t hold been able to construct Ponniyin Selvan. So, thanks very grand.

SS Rajamouli reacted to the reward by showing his shock. He said that Mani Ratnam’s reward grew to turn out to be out to be “the ideal reward” the director has ever bought. 

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Baahubali changed into released in two sides, both of which grew to turn out to be out to be hugely a hit. SS Rajamouli then shifted his point of curiosity to RRR, which is a hit even on a global level. The film’s single, Naatu Naatu, is currently in line for an Oscar catch at the Oscars 2023. 

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