Karnataka: Siddaramaiah accuses BJP govt of diverting SC-ST funds for infra tasks

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Karnataka’s extinct CM Siddaramaiah accused BJP of violating the provisions of the SCP TSP act and diverting funds intended for SC-ST to infrastructure tasks



Karnataka’s extinct CM Siddaramaiah accused BJP of violating the provisions of the SCP TSP act and diverting funds intended for the welfare of Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribe (SC-ST) to infrastructure tasks. He furthermore acknowledged that though there is room for reallocation of funds for infrastructure tasks, on this case, the quantum is huge, a entire of Rs 7,885 crores intended for scheduled caste sub-opinion (SCSP) and Tribal sub-opinion (TSP) delight in been re-allocated for the infrastructure tasks.

“BJP authorities has betrayed Dalits and scheduled tribes by diverting the funds of scheduled caste sub-opinion SCSP and tribal sub-opinion funds for the infrastructure tasks, which is in opposition to the provisions of the act,” the Congress leader acknowledged in a observation.

SCP-TSP act provisions broken to divert funds for Infrastructure tasks: Siddaramaiah

Overall, Rs 26,695.64 crores delight in been earmarked for the advance of SC-STs beneath the SCP-TSP act for 2020-21 on the different hand, the provisions delight in been broken and Rs 7,885 crores delight in been diverted in opposition to infrastructure tasks in the recount. Here is prohibited, acknowledged the extinct CM and requested for punitive action to be taken in opposition to the guilty officers. 

In accordance with the SCP-TSP act, 24.1 per cent of the full funds have to be reserved for the welfare programmes of the SC-ST. “The unused funds must be carried over and spent for the length of the subsequent financial year,” he added. The Act has sufficient provisions for penalising the officers in case the funds are no longer old for the allocated cause.

He further expounded, that Rs 7885.32 Cr, which delight in been diverted from the quota earmarked for the welfare of SC-ST delight in been old for irrigation, metropolis model and RDPR infrastructure tasks.

Giving the destroy-up of the funds allocated for the SC-ST for the length of the BJP and Congress regimes in Karnataka, Siddaramaiah acknowledged, 

“Between 2008-2009 to 2012-2013, 5 years of BJP authorities, about Rs 22,261 crore used to be allocated to SCP-TSP nonetheless between 2013-2018, we allocated about 88,395 crores in 5 years for SCSP-TSP.”

Siddaramaiah furthermore alleged that for the length of the rule of thumb of the BJP, whereas the overall funds outlay has elevated, the funds earmarked for the SC-ST delight in reduced.

He furthermore highlighted share 3 of the SCSP-TSP act, which discusses the exempted expenditure from the applicability of this act. The exempted expenditure involves salary, salary Grant-in-help, pension, administrative expenditure, important compensation and hobby fee on listing of Convey authorities undertakings.

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