Karnataka: Girl advocate brutally assaulted by man in video goes viral

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Sangeeta Shikkeri, a attorney from Karanataka used to be physically assaulted by her neighbour on the busy streets of Bagalkot Metropolis Circle in plentiful daylight.


In a surprising sort, a lady advocate used to be brutally assaulted by a neighbour within the Bagalkot Metropolis Circle side toll road in Karnataka in plentiful daylight. In step with foremost facets accessed, Mahantesh Cholachagudda, a neighbour of advocate Sangeeta Shikkeri used to be considered assaulting her on the streets over a case connected to the frail’s dwelling. The assault on the girl advocate came to gentle after the tense video of it went viral on social media. The police own since booked the man for assaulting the girl.

Sangeeta Shikkeri, a attorney used to be physically assaulted by her neighbour on the streets of Bagalkot Metropolis Circle. Reportedly, her husband too used to be attacked by a person named Mahantesh. The assault took role on Saturday afternoon around 12: 30 PM. A video of the assault, shot by a passer-by, presentations the attorney being kicked and slapped a pair of instances along the side toll road earlier than she is pushed all the manner down to the ground. The video has since long past viral on social media.

Man booked after Bagalkot assault video goes viral

In step with studies from the ground, the assault in Karnataka’s Bagalkot took role over a property dispute. The girl, who is a attorney, reportedly filed a case in opposition to the attacker who happens to be her neighbour. The incident took role attributable to non-public enmity between the two constructed over the case pertaining to to the attacker’s property. Following the assault, the police booked the man over physical assault charges in opposition to the girl.

As per the records accessed, the families of Mahantesh and Sangeeta had fought earlier as correctly. Mahantesh, who is claimed to be a photographer at the College of Horticulture Sciences at Navanagar in Bagalkot, has been booked by the police on assault charges. It is distinguished that no person came to the rescue of the girl despite the assault being on a crowded side toll road. The assaulted attorney’s husband used to be heard appealing for lend a hand for the length of the time of the assault as correctly.  


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