Jungle, Bungalow and more: Right here’s a checklist of English words derived from Hindi

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English is mainly the most spoken language on the planet. Practically 1.5 billion other folks discuss English in 2022 followed by Mandarin Chinese (1.1 billion other folks) and Hindi taking third discipline with 6.2 million audio system, suggests a search for by Statista. English is spoken both natively or as a second language by other folks worldwide. For the time being, English is the official language of 67 countries on the planet. 

In India, the selection of English audio system is ready 10.6 percent of the population speaks English. But create you know that even the most up-tp-date language on the planet has some words which are borrowed from Hindi?

Right here’s a checklist of English words which are derived from Hindi:


The word ‘jungle’, that methodology an predicament of tropical forest where trees and vegetation develop very thickly comes from the Hindi word ‘jangal’, historical to record a dense tropical forest. 


The English word ‘pyjama’ refers to a loose jacket and trousers frail in mattress or nightdress is derived from the Hindi word ‘pajama’ or ‘payjama’. 


The English word for a large single-storeyed house is diagnosed as a bungalow, in Hindi large single-storeyed properties are called ‘bangla’. 


A ‘thug’ is in most cases historical to confer with a violent particular person or a criminal. This word too comes from the Hindi word, ‘thag’, that methodology a thief or criminal. 


A head rubdown in Hindi is is named ‘champoo’ or ‘champi’ which gave initiating to word ‘shampoo’ in English. 


The word ‘loot’ methodology to settle issues from retailers or buildings after a insurrection, fire, and many others. loot comes from ‘lut’ that methodology the same. 

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