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A 19-year-historical lady from Jharkhand’s Dumka district, who used to be residence on fire over an unrequited proposal on August 23 had appealed for justice earlier than succumbing to her accidents in the early hours of Sunday. Her loss of life caused protests in Dumka, following which prohibitory orders had been placed in the town.

Police stated the accused, Shahrukh Hussain (19) had been harassing the girl for loads of months and even threatened to waste her if she didn’t reciprocate her proposal.

Narrating the sufferer’s assertion, Dumka SP Ambar Lakra stated, the girl used to be drowsing at home by a window that confronted a sidewalk connecting to the most most well-known aspect street. In the wee hours of August 23, the accused poured petrol on her throughout the window and residence her on fire. She screamed for lend a hand and saw the accused working. The police have recorded her demise declaration.

The accused Shahrukh used to be arrested on the same day, while the sufferer lady succumbed to her on August 28. SP Ambar Lakra stated the police would apply at swiftly notice court for a snappily trial.

On the impolite protests, the SP stated, “Other folks are cooperating with us. We charm to other folks to preserve peace. The disaster is below preserve watch over and Half 144 has been imposed.”

Sufferer makes charm for justice

Old to succumbing to her accidents in the route of remedy at the scientific institution, the sufferer narrated the horrific incident to Republic and appealed for justice.

She stated, “I complained to my father about Shahrukh and he spoke to the stalker’s brother. His family my father that Shahrukh is a goon. The an identical night I purchased a name from him the put he threatened to waste me. I accurate now told my father and he stated he’ll perceive into the matter the following day. But at around 4 AM, he threw petrol at me throughout the window, lit a fireplace, and ran away.”

She stated the accused used to be accompanied by one other man named Chhotu. 

The sufferer’s chums, who had been privy to Shahrukh’s threats, stated he had been harassing the girl for 3 years. “He saved forcing her to keep up a correspondence to him. When she rejected his advances, he threatened to waste her. She told her father about this and he used to be about to rob action against the boy. Alternatively the very next morning, the accused splashed petrol on her and residence her on fire.”

Appealing for justice, they stated the particular person can also still be punished the same strategy he tortured the sufferer. 

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