Instagram is checking out new feature that enables customers to answer to tales and posts with GIFs, reveal experiences


Instagram is checking out a new feature that will allow customers to answer to the tales and posts with GIFs, as per experiences.

Instagram is testing new feature that allows users to reply to stories and posts with GIFs, say reportsCompanies

Instagram is reportedly checking out a new feature that will allow customers to answer to tales and posts with keen photos or GIFs. The new feature is in its checking out phase and is reportedly being rolled out in a phased manner. With this new feature, Instagram customers will search for GIFs from GIPHY and post them in the feedback sections as a answer.

Currently, the brand new feature is being examined and might maybe well maybe be rolled out on a immense scale in the arriving weeks. Earlier, Instagram allowed customers to post GIF stickers to tales, but did no longer have the feature to permit customers to answer with GIF stickers.

The methodology to make employ of this selection for replying to a post or narrative is that the person desires to form a key phrase which he/she desires to specific with the relieve of GIF in the commentary field. Then the person desires to make a different the GIF icon after which pick the desired GIF from the GIFs that seem in the GIPHY library. Then the person upright desires to hit enter and post it as a answer.


  1. What is the ‘Clean Mode’ feature of Instagram?

    Clean Mode helps customers to automatically quit their Instagram notifications on a day-to-day basis for the time interval they grab.
  2. What is the ‘Not ’ mode of Instagram?

    This feature enables customers to organize the verbalize material they worship to search out and watch. It helps in hiding numerous posts of undesirable verbalize material from the locate page.

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