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The Jallikattu sport has stumbled on a excellent friend in a Madurai woman studying at school 12. She has saved a Jallikattu bull as her excellent friend and is coaching him for Tamil Nadu’s primitive sport, which is scheduled to be held within the subsequent couple of weeks, because the festival of Pongal is around the corner. She has been coaching the bull for the closing three years, a feat for a teenage woman.

Family with four generations of Jallikattu bulls

“I am studying in Class 12 and our family has four generations of Jallikattu Bulls,” the teenage woman mentioned and added the bull is savor every other family member. “Jallikattu will most likely be held subsequent month. Now we are busy making ready the bull for Jallikattu. Right this moment we are giving fodder to the bull and at some point, we are able to present coaching in walking, swimming and digging mud.”

The bull is loving at home, but aggressive all thru the Jallikattu sport, the girl mentioned. “My bull is affectionate when he’s at home with us but aggressive when he goes to the Jallikattu subject. The bull does nothing to the parents within the home,” she mentioned, describing the holding nature of the bull.

Gearing up for Jallikattu

Bull trainers in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai are gearing up for Jallikattu, sooner than the festival of Pongal. Bulls are being trained on the abilities of walking and swimming. Bigger than 20 youths from Podumbu village of Madurai district obtain started coaching 10 bulls for the competition.

The sport, which is is also called ‘Eru Thazhuvuthal’ or ‘Manjuvirattu’ is slated to be held within the subsequent two weeks. The bulls are trained on varied abilities all thru the technique called as ‘Mann Kuthal’, which contains digging horns in moist earth.

They are trained to assault when somebody tries to care for their spin. The coaching is ongoing because the authorities has already announced the game of Tamils will most likely be held as per the agenda all thru Pongal. Notably the Supreme court docket is for the time being listening to a case, which challenges the Tamil Nadu regulation that permits the Jallikattu sport with considerations the game ends in cruelty to animals.

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