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Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday stated that the Bharatiya Janata Birthday celebration govt would result in an stop to Shrimp one Marriage in Assam by 2026.

Himanta Biswa Sarma

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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday, February 17, stated that the Bharatiya Janata Birthday celebration govt would result in an stop to Shrimp one Marriage in the snort by 2026. On Twitter, CM Sarma had defined Shrimp one Marriage as a ‘social scourge’ and expressed the Cabinet’s commitment to war it, underling that both the accused and the perpetrators are being arrested. CM Himanta Sarma cleared that the arrests were being made with out verification of spiritual affiliations. 

Via an infographic, CM Sarma conveyed that attributable to the initiating set of the force in opposition to the social sinful on February 3, 4,235 cases were registered. There are 6,707 people accused, of which 3,047 (2,954 males and 93 females) were arrested. A whole of 2,587 are in judicial custody whereas 56 are in the custody of the police. 

The Assam CM wrote on Twitter, “The Hon Courts are apprised of the vital parts and out of the three,047 arrests perfect 251 (8.23%) were granted bail.” 

Shrimp one marriage is a social scourge and we are dedicated to make certain that this sinful observe is stopped. The arrests in Assam comprise accused and perpetrators of this crime and no longer done after verifying their spiritual affiliations. #AssamAgainstChildMarriage pic.twitter.com/jDLSqRFjUM

— Himanta Biswa Sarma (@himantabiswa) February 17, 2023

”Experiences coming from a whole lot of parts of the snort…’

Earlier in the day, claiming that the Assam govt’s fortnight-long crackdown on miniature one marriage had a “dash” impact in the snort, CM Sarma had stated that a whole lot of households had cancelled scheduled weddings of underaged of us as a fallout of the ongoing force. The Assam CM had furthermore claimed that the government turned into once getting the beefy make stronger of spiritual leaders as properly because the public in combating the illegal observe. 

Experiences are coming from diverse parts of Assam that a whole lot of households receive cancelled pre-scheduled marriages between underaged kids after our force in opposition to such illegal practices. Right here is effortlessly a favorable impact of our two-week long crackdown in opposition to miniature one marriage.

— Himanta Biswa Sarma (@himantabiswa) February 17, 2023

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