Haryana: Anil Vij name callings Congress over jog; ‘pressuring ED to cowl up their shadowy acts’

Haryana Home Minister acknowledged the Congress is pressuring ED to cowl up their shadowy acts and explained it by singing the unique Bollywood song ‘Laga Chunri mein daag chupaon kaise’. Accusing the spacious outdated skool occasion of resorting to Satyagraha and different sorts of protests to pressurise the ED, Vij acknowledged why is the Congress scared if they are spotless and added they might cling to face the agency probe, the courts in the nation are open, in case required. 

Vij additional took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, accusing him of adopting unfair technique to subvert the democratic diagram, he was relating to the Dim dresses exclaim organised by the Congress, which per him was geared toward disrupting the investigations in opposition to him in the Nationwide Herald case. “Rahul Gandhi intends to build this form of democratic diagram, whereby to publish oneself by protesting in Dim dresses, in exclaim to power ED to withdraw its check for investigation.”

‘Congress resorting to Satyagraha for covering their shadowy acts’: Anil Vij

Haryana HM Anil Vij acknowledged Congress is the usage of the tool of Satyagraha to weigh-in on ED and sung the song, “Laga chunri mein daag chupaon kaise, bach jaon kaise… here’s the command and to rescue oneself from this scenario they (Congress) most ceaselessly eradicate back of Satyagraha to place stress on ED,” and additionally added, the Congress crew who cling traditionally been carrying white dresses cling begun carrying shadowy dresses, relating to the Dim dresses exclaim organised the day gone by, August 5. “The dresses cling additionally change into Dim from the shadowy acts of the Congress. They are doing this in the garb of raising of us’s points to place stress on the ED. 

Congress might cling to advance out neat from the investigation, acknowledged Vij. “In the occasion that they are neat, then there isn’t very any longer this form of thing as a reason to stress. You publish yourself earlier than the ED and if there might be unfair treatment given to then you the courts in the nation are open for you, while you belief the democratic course of in the nation.”

Congress’ ‘Dim dresses’ nationwide exclaim

Congress organised nationwide demonstrations in opposition to inflation, tag rise and unemployment on August 5. Extra than 60 Congress MPs cling been detained by the Delhi police and cling been released after about six hours, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh acknowledged.

“Congress MPs cling proper been released after being detained for nearly 6 hours for protesting peacefully and democratically in opposition to tag rise, unemployment and GST,” Ramesh, who had additionally been detained, tweeted.


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