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The Gauhati Excessive Court on Friday ordered the Tamil Nadu government to facilitate an inspection of Joymala alias Jaymalyatha, a female tusker from Assam.

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Listening to a writ petition filed by the Shriek government of Assam, the Gauhati Excessive Court on Friday ordered the Tamil Nadu government to facilitate inspection of Joymala alias Jaymalyatha, a female tusker from Assam now in captivity at Srivilliputhur Andal temple in Tamil Nadu.

A gaggle from Assam has been in Tamil Nadu since September 3, however has not been granted entry to this point. After shapely videos of cruelty meted out to the elephant, went viral and had been reported by People for the Moral Remedy of Animals (PETA), the Assam government sent a bunch to Tamil Nadu to survey the placement of the elephant. The group comprises administrative officers, forest officers and neatly-known vet and elephant specialist, Padmashree Dr Kushal Sarma. 

Speaking to the media in Guwahati, after the hearing at the Gauhati Excessive Court, Suggest Unprecedented of Assam, Devajit Saikia acknowledged that after hearing the full matter, the bench of Justice Suman Shyam ordered that entry be granted to the group from Assam by the Tamil Nadu government with ample police protection to have confidence a study the neatly being location of the elephant. 


“They had earlier assured the returning of the elephants after seizing them from the temples. As per the preliminary discussion, we had been asked to deposit Rs 5 lakh for the repairs of the elephants put up-seizure from temples. After we asked them to furnish famous aspects of the checking fable, no conversation used to be bought extra from their live,” Saikia acknowledged.

He also added that powerful earlier than the matter bought media hype, the train government of Assam has been pursuing it since 2021 and a bunch of conversation took position between both states within the final year. He added that the communications had been submitted to the court.  

The female tusker used to be taken on lease to a Tamil Nadu temple from one Girin Moran of Assam in 2011 after getting approval from the forest department. On the synthetic hand, even after the live of her lease agreement, the elephant used to be never returned again, nor did the distinctive owner Moran save in any effort to bring her again. Nonetheless now the train has taken up the matter as per the Natural world Time table, all natural world belongs to the Shriek and therefore on this case, the Assam government is the rightful owner, added Saikia.

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