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Amid a unexpected elevate in conditions of a recent fever called ‘Tomato flu’, the Centre on Tuesday asked the states to apply preventive measures, stressing that there’ll not be this form of thing as a particular medication to treat the viral illness.

Centre on Tuesday sent an advisory to states on Hand, Foot and Mouth Illness (HFMD) which is recurrently identified as Tomato Flu. In step with the centre, it’s miles a self-limiting illness targetting mostly younger children mostly below 10 years of age. However, it can well happen in immune-compromised adults too. 

“Even though the Tomato Flu virus reveals indicators honest like diverse viral infections (fever, fatigue, body aches, and rashes on the pores and skin), the virus is now not linked to SARS-CoV-2, monkeypox, dengue, or chikungunya,” the Centre in its advisory additional acknowledged. 

Advisory acknowledged that basically the most productive solution is to preserve correct hygiene and sanitization of the surrounding. It additional said that isolation will devour to be followed for 5-seven days from the onset of any symptom to forestall the spread of an infection to diverse children or adults. 

First case reported in Kerala

In step with the Centre’s advisory, the fundamental case of Tomato flu became once first identified in Kollam of Kerala on 6th Would possibly presumably per chance honest of this year and as of July, over 82 children younger than 5 years were reported to devour diminished in size the an infection by the native govt hospitals. 

The flu introduced on an alert in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Additionally, 26 children used from one to 9 years were reported as having the illness in Odisha by the Regional Scientific Analysis Centre in Bhubaneswar.

What’s Tomato Flu

Tomato Flu is characterized by rashes which shall be practically tomato shapes blisters on so much of body parts. Other folks undergo from pores and skin irritation and a sense of dehydration. Several diverse indicators collectively with fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, dehydration, swelling of joints, body aches etc, is also noticed. 

It begins with tender fever, unfortunate whisk for food, malaise, and recurrently a sore throat. One or two days after the fever begins, limited red spots appear which changes to blister after which to ulcers. The sores are in most cases positioned on tongue, gums, internal of the cheeks, palms and soles.

Occupy some distance from immediate contact with the contaminated particular person: Advisory

The advisory additional listed preventative measures and urged averting immediate contact with the contaminated particular person. The advisory acknowledged, “Impart your minute one now not to hug or touch children having fever or rash indicators. That you just would per chance per chance devour to assist your children to cease thumb or finger-sucking habits. Reduction the minute one to use a handkerchief in case of operating nostril or coughing.”

It is pertinent to point out that no antiviral medication or vaccines are on hand for the remedy or prevention of tomato flu till now. Samples from the throat or stool will seemingly be sent to a laboratory to take a look at for keeping apart the virus obsessed on causing the illness, which could presumably clutch two to four weeks to plan the laboratory results. The testing will devour to be achieved for the investigation of a virulent disease so as that preventive measures is also initiated, the advisory acknowledged.

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