Blinken-Lavrov dialog: Ukraine topic & world food safety

Russian Overseas Minister Sergey Lavrov knowledgeable US Secretary of Pronounce Antony Blinken about Russia’s build apart on the topic around Ukraine, the world food safety and prisoner swap, the Russian out of the country ministry said on Friday after their phone dialog.

“The two top diplomats discussed the latest topic in Ukraine. The minister told about Russia’s principled approaches in gentle of the continued particular defense power operation on the territories of the DPR, LPR (Donetsk and Lugansk Folks’s Republics – TASS) and Ukraine and careworn out that its targets and projects could perchance be inevitable attained,” it said.

In this context, “the squawk secretary’s attention used to be drawn to the truth that the continued flooding the Ukrainian military and nationalist battalions with American and NATO weapons, that are aged against civilian inhabitants, totally prolongs the agony of the Kiev regime, protracts the battle and multiplies casualties,” the ministry said. “Lavrov careworn out that the Russian defense power strictly ogle norms of worldwide law and systemic work is being done on the liberated territories to resume aloof life.”

Of their first such dialog since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, the 2 top diplomats looked to follow their existing positions, in step with the readout of the option from Blinken.

“We had a frank and recount dialog,” Blinken told a news convention at the Pronounce Department. “I pressed the Kremlin to glean the enormous proposal that we place forth on the originate of Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner,” he said.

The two top diplomats also discussed the topic in the sphere of world food safety.

“Antony Blinken used to be knowledgeable relating to the particulars of the package agreement, signed on July 22 in Istanbul, relating to transportation of Ukrainian grain from Dark Sea ports and on promotion of export of Russian food and fertilizers,” the ministry said. “The minister drew particular attention to the truth that the world [food] topic is complicated by the US sanctions and that the US has no longer yet fulfilled its promise to grant the linked exemptions for Russian food exports. He careworn out that the spend of this topic by the collective West in its geopolitical pursuits is inadmissible.”

Lavrov told Blinken that it used to be the U.S. sanctions that complicated the world food topic.

The perimeters also discussed bilateral problems. “The two top diplomats exchanged views on the issues of bilateral relatives, which badly need normalization,” the ministry said.

“Touching on doable alternate of prisoners with the US, the Russian aspect strongly commended the edges return to legitimate dialogue in the regime of aloof diplomacy, with out speculations and fakes,” the ministry said.

The dialog used to be initiated by the US aspect. A U.S. official, talking on the location of anonymity, said the option lasted about 25 minutes and it used to be “with out polemics and used to be businesslike.”

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