‘BJP will purchase 25 seats in speak in 2024 LS polls’: Tamil Nadu BJP chief exudes self belief | India Facts

Whereas addressing a rally in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu BJP chief Okay Annamalai made a immense assertion asserting BJP will purchase 25 seats in Tamil Nadu within the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The rally used to be additionally attended by BJP National President JP Nadda the put Annamalai exuded self belief and acknowledged, “BJP is extraordinarily assured that within the upcoming election we can get greater than 25 People of Parliament. I’m telling this as the speak president in front of our nationwide president and varied senior leaders.”

He added, “Whereas we attain that, I’m additionally certain to explain that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi will relish out two most attention-grabbing candidates out of them and price them ministers and ship them succor to Tamil Nadu to work for the other people.”

‘Tamil Nadu now no longer in stable fingers’, says JP Nadda

Additionally on Tuesday BJP nationwide chief J P Nadda accused the ruling DMK of furthering the pursuits of 1 family on my own and claimed Tamil Nadu is now no longer in stable fingers.

He additionally acknowledged that the DMK is now no longer ceaselessly jumpy in regards to the wisely-being of the speak because it is serving to exact one family to prosper and appealed to other people to “change fingers” in picture to let the speak additionally prosper.

The BJP president additionally added, “The nation is in stable fingers but Tamil Nadu is now no longer in stable fingers. So, you higher change fingers.”

At a huge rally in Mettupalayam, the BJP chief acknowledged, “When I talk about regional occasions, it is the family birthday party – dynastic birthday party here. The DMK is now no longer a regional birthday party, it’s a family birthday party. D stands for Dynasty, M stands for Money swindling, and Okay stands for Katta panchayat.”

“They’d loot, make a selection out as critical as they’re going to. They effect now no longer appear to be here to relief you. But we are here to relief you. They are here to extinguish you. We are here to protect up the other people. They make a selection care of their family. For us, the nation first, birthday party next and self remaining but for them self first, birthday party secondary and nation remaining and at remaining lost,” acknowledged the BJP president slamming DMK. 

BJP president JP Nadda additionally added that the DMK divided the other people, and the BJP united them.

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