BJP accuses DMK MLA of ‘forcing Dalit man to attain handbook scavenging’; MLA refutes claims | India Info

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tamil Nadu has demanded action against DMK MLA from Chennai’s RK Nagar constituency, alleging that the ruling occasion MLA change into as soon as exhibit when a company employee change into as soon as forced to attain handbook scavenging.

Attacking the RK Nagar MLA Ebenezer, the saffron occasion’s speak unit chief K Annamalai said that the DMK chief desires to be booked under the Handbook Scavenging Act 1993. “The RK Nagar constituency DMK MLA Ebenezer change into as soon as exhibit when a company employee change into as soon as forced to attain handbook scavenging along with his naked hands. He must be straight booked under the handbook scavenging act 1993. Or even they’re going to wait and extend taking action except all of us scream and fight by contrast,” he suggested journalists.

Declaring that the said offence is non-bailable with a 1-year jail time, Annamalai said, “On one hand all of us retain asserting that handbook scavenging must never happen in our country and on diversified hand, a particular person from an SC crew is being made to attain this. The MLA must also be booked under the Prevention of atrocities against SC/ST act. The DMK thinks they’ll attain no topic they want in a public forum.”

The BJP Tamil Nadu chief DMK chief slammed DMK chief Ebenezer and said, “Appropriate on sage of the MLA wanted to feel bask in a hero in front of his constituency people, a total man is struggling.” Striking an onus on Chief Minister MK Stalin, Annalamai said, “I interrogate that MLA Ebenezer straight be booked under these two acts (Handbook Scavenging Act 1993 & Prevention of atrocities against SC/ST act) and arrested. Handiest if right here is performed, we are able to accept that this CM is for the people and is surely struggling with for social justice. Else, this might maybe maybe all as soon as more point to that DMK is a caste-based occasion.”

‘No longer a drainage, it be a drinking water clogging’: DMK MLA claims

A video has long gone viral whereby Chennai’s RK Nagar MLA is viewed inspecting a water pump and then a particular person allegedly a company employee is forced to neat the blockage utilizing his naked hands. On the opposite hand, MLA Ebenezer claimed that it change into as soon as now not an act of handbook scavenging because it change into as soon as now not a drainage however drinking water clogging. 

Particularly, activist Shalin Maria Lawrence tweeted that DMK MLA forced a company sanitation employee to neat a sewer along with his naked hand. Responding to her tweet, MLA Ebenezer threatened her asserting he’ll hotel a criticism if she failed to purchase away “MLA forced a company sanitation employee” from her tweet.

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