BB16: MC Stan breaks down after Shalin Bhanot calls him ‘less deserving’ than Shiv Thakare, says ‘c*****a hu kya?’

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Rapper and performer MC Stan breaks down after Shalin Bhanot calls him a less deserving candidate than Shiv Thakare for Bigg Boss 16 winner’s trophy. In nowadays’s episode, Shalin, Shiv and Stan discuss the preferrred week of the game, and additionally pick their jog. 

As per the document of Etimes, Shalin says that Shiv is a extra deserving winner than Stan. This ends in an emotional breakdown for the rapper, and he criticises Bhanot for no longer immediately mocking his jog. Stan slams Shalin, “Mere ko kaiko lane ka tha beech mein, mere ko kyu neecha dikhana ka har baar? Main kya ca hu kya bro idhar. (Why did you flow me into this, why did you ridicule me? Assign you focus on I’m worthless?)”   

Later in the day, Shiv pacified Stan, who used to be peaceful heartbroken by Shalin’s words. The performer formula out that many instances, the opposite contestants were spotted making fun of his costly Rs 80,000 sneakers and the heavy ‘Hind’ chain he wears. Stan tells Shiv that every contestant in this apartment can manage to pay for these items, but in the event that they selected no longer to, why are they making fun of him. 

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As a long way because the nominations are concerned Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan are nominated for this week’s eviction. This would possibly per chance per chance per chance be the preferrred vote-out elimination, as next week the season will win its gargantuan finale with Top 6 contestants. Shalin, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Archana Gautam, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia win secured their space in the finale. Shalin, Priyanka and Archana won their space in the finale, by winning the preferrred project of the season. 

As per the duty, contestants will want to time 9 minutes while speaking to the particular guest. As quickly as they feel that they’ve performed 9 minutes contained in the duty, they’re going to hope to call it off and drop their card proper into a field. Crew A of Shiv, Stan and Sumbul misplaced the duty to Crew B, thus the trio got nominated. 

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