Batman movie minus Robert Pattinson, Superman reboot and more: James Gunn unearths DCU’s ambitious ten-title slate

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After months of deliberation, hypothesis, and wild rumours, the slate for DC Universe has at final been printed. James Gunn and Peter Safran, the co-CEOs of DC Studios, printed the novel titles – at the side of motion photos, internet series, and fascinating series – at a press tournament in California on Monday.

The DC Universe, as it’s being called, will be fracture away the DC Prolonged Universe, which recently concluded. The franchise will kick off with Chapter 1, called Gods and Monsters. Grand like Marvel Cinematic Universe is divided into Phases, DCU is divided into chapters.

The supreme entry among the ten titles is a brand novel Superman movie, which will look for a brand novel actor take dangle of on the mantle after Henry Cavill’s departure. Superman: Legacy will be released in theatres on July 11, 2025. Clark Kent’s cousin Supergirl will additionally create her spacious visual show unit debut in Supergirl: Woman of The next day, a movie adaptation of Tom King’s amusing. DCU’s Batman will additionally create his debut in The Fearless and the Courageous, a movie focussing on Bruce Wayne and his son Damian Wayne, basically the most erratic Robin ever. The movie, based fully on the Grant Morrison amusing, will operate various members of the Bat family too.

While The Fearless and the Courageous will operate a brand novel actor as Batman, that doesn’t mean it’s curtains for Robert Pattinson, who essayed the caped crusader in final 12 months’s The Batman. Its planned sequel – officially titled The Batman II, directed by Matt Reeves, will be releasing in 2025 as well. There may per chance be additionally a Swamp Aspect solo movie and a title based fully on The Authority, which James Gunn has worked on himself.

Numerous projects contain an fascinating series called Creature Commandos, bringing monsters like vampires and zombies into the DCU. There may per chance be a derivative series based fully on Amanda Waller as well as one on the Inexperienced Lantern corps, and one on Booster Gold, a shrimp bit-known superhero from the DC Comics. One in every of basically the most attention-grabbing titles is a series called Paradise Lost, which has been described as a ‘Game of Thrones-ish account about Themiscyra, Paradise Island, the dwelling of the Amazons – and it’s additionally the birthplace of Wonder Woman’.

DCU will look for 2 motion photos and two series releasing each 12 months. The 2 creators command they’ve an 8-10 12 months idea prison now, which will contain two chapters of the DCU. The actors will imprint contracts for 10 years, they acknowledged.

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