‘Attack on Hindu custom’: VHP warns colleges towards celebrating Christmas, dressing youth as Santa Claus

Reported By: DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Web Group |Source: IANS |Updated: Dec 25, 2022, 06: 11 AM IST

VHP has issued warning to Madhya Pradesh colleges towards celebrating Christmas (Representational image)

On the eve of Christmas Day, honest hover Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) unit in Madhya Pradesh wrote a letter to varsity principals asking them no longer to present Hindu youth Santa Claus within the future of the occasion.

Letters had been written to all college principals in Bhopal amid reports that students are being made Santa Claus within the Christmas celebrations within the college and moreover they are being requested to raise Christmas bushes. “Here’s an assault on our Hindu custom, it is miles a conspiracy to encourage Hindu youth to Christianity,” VHP`s letter learn.

The VHP moreover wondered on celebrating Christmas Day in non-missionary colleges asking, is the colleges promoting Christianity by making Hindu youth Santa?

“Our Hindu youth could well perhaps mild turn into Ram, turn into Krishna, turn into Buddha, Gautam, turn into Mahavir, turn into Guru Govind Singh, all these could well perhaps mild turn into, turn into modern, and switch into extra special men, but could well perhaps mild no longer turn into Santa.”

It has moreover warned that if students had been made Santa Claus with out the permission of the oldsters, the VHP will purchase statutory honest action towards that college.

Then all once more, the archbishop requested neighborhood contributors to wait on the needy and switch ahead on target confirmed by Jesus Christ.

Churches in Bhopal accept been embellished and the oldsters of Christian neighborhood are getting ready for the gala’s as they encourage special prayer companies and products, region up cribs, prepare sweets and decorate their houses.

“Pope Francis has laid stress on simplicity and conservation of ambiance from the diversified traditions, which we follow within the future of Christmas,” Archbishop A.A.S Durairaj stated in his Christmas message.

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