Assam government to get 50 lakh flags from textiles ministry

Assam government will secure spherical 50 lakh flags from the Textiles Ministry.

Himanta Biswa Sarma released a video on Har Ghar Tiranga to generate awareness on the initiative to definitely price the Independence Day birthday party in a programme held at Janata Bhawan.

The Chief Minister urged of us to hoist the tricolour at their properties, industry institutions, government and interior most areas of work, religious areas and all other public areas from 13th to 15th August.

Sarma stated that following interrogate from the federal government of Assam, the Self-Encourage Groups within the explain dangle taken steps to get spherical 30 lakh flags. He urged the householders of industry institutions and of us that are economically filthy rich to snatch flags from the SHGs finest.

Sarma additionally urged that the explain government will secure spherical 50 lakh flags from the Textiles Ministry. He stated that flags shall be available at Excellent-trying Price Shops additionally, that will be purchased at Rs. 18 finest.

The Chief Minister stated that the explain government objectives to get the Har Ghar Tiranga initiative a mass motion and urged of us to reward the tricolour to others as properly.

He additionally stated that the explain government will provide Rs. 18 additionally to the Orunodoi beneficiaries with the monthly financial assistance throughout the month of August to prefer the tricolour.

Sarma additionally urged of us to add photos of hoisting the tricolour at Har Ghar Tiranga web explain material. He additionally urged referring to the publicity campaign to be utilized across Assam to get the initiative successful.

Sarma equipped financial assistance under Chief Minister’s Sishu Seva Scheme (Section-II) to eight orphans who misplaced their individuals throughout COVID-19 pandemic in a programme.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister additionally equipped financial assistance to the orphaned youth of the rotten Satekona assassinate case.

Below the succor given, the youth shall be equipped with a monthly income blueprint (MIS) of Rs. 3,500 per thirty days, being the hobby gathered on a Fixed Deposit of Rs. 7.67 lakh deposited of their respective names. The MIS will proceed till they attain the age of 24 years, when the major amount shall be deposited into their savings accounts.

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