Anupama 11 August 2022 Written Update: Doctor makes a surprising revelation

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Anupama 11 August 2022 Written Update: While the Shah and the Kapadia household wait outside the ward, the doctor walks out and shares surprising files.

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Describe: A Accrued from Anupamaa

Anupama 11 August 2022 episode begins with the doctor telling the household that Vanraj and Anuj’s situation remains to be serious and adds that they’ll watch them from a distance. On the replacement hand, Lil Anu dreams about Anuj and Vanraj being entirely fit as they return from the health facility. They each and each then promise each and each other that they won’t fight anymore. While she smiles in sleep, Kinjal, Dolly, and Pakhi watch her and hope that whatever she dreams have to nonetheless reach keen. Lil Anu then out of the blue wakes up inquiring for Anu whereas they nonetheless her and escape her to sleep. 

Anupama 11 August 2022 Written Update

Anu and Kavya then watch Anuj and Vanraj within the ICCU and shout. They grab the time they spent together. Even the replacement household members near and damage down in tears them. Kavya says no one could factor in Vanraj and Anuj will likely be struggling for their existence at some point. 

Doctor informs them about Vanraj’s restoration

The doctor then informs them that the next 42 hours will likely be serious for each and each of them. Kavya then narrates all of the incident and displays that she would not dangle any conception how they each and each fell off the cliff. Ankush then accuses Vanraj of pushing Anuj off the cliff whereas Baa and Toshu shield Vanraj. Anu then intervenes and asks them to precise pray for them. The doctor then displays that Vianraj is responding to the therapy whereas Anuj’s situation remains to be serious. Anu feels relieved whereas demanding for Anuj. As she breaks down in tears, baa consoles her and asks her to handle solid. 

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As Anu meets Vanraj, he apologises to her and informs her that he pushed Anuj off the cliff. On listening to this, Anu stands afraid. 

Describe: A Accrued from Anupamaa

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