Annamalai assures security to Bihar migrants working in Tamil Nadu; ‘DMK guilty for despise’ | India News

Tamil Nadu BJP chief Okay Annamalai spoke exclusively with Republic amid the ongoing Bihar migrant crew row in the converse. He talked about that migrant crew, namely from Northern India, are share of Tamil Nadu’s assert memoir nonetheless the DMK leaders in no scheme revered them and created an atmosphere of hatred. 

He said, “Tons of of us began talking on social media platforms that something is occurring in Tamil Nadu. Unfortunately, videos from out of doors the converse had been circulated and some political colours had been given to them. I would admire to make certain you that Tamil Nadu is a welcoming converse, namely for the North Indian brothers who are moreover a share of Tamil Nadu’s assert memoir.” 

“DMK is guilty for constructing an atmosphere of despise. They call the of us of Bihar and North India demeaning phrases. Even of us are believing that Bihar migrant crew are attacked in Tamil Nadu after seeing the false video on story of DMK leaders relish created this atmosphere of hatred for a long time. In addition they may be able to simply serene no longer create despise and divide between South and North India,” he added. 

The BJP chief went on to focus on the role of a migrant employee in the come of Tamil Nadu, and said, “As per the authorities records, extra than 30 lakh migrant crew are in the converse. If they cease working for a day, the subsequent morning your total change in the converse will attain to standstill. Several DMK leaders call them demeaning phrases and they’ll no longer assert.” 

— Republic (@republic) March 6, 2023

TN BJP chief unearths ground checklist

BJP chief Annamalai talked about that after the Erode (East) by-polls, the set aside the DMK-backed Congress candidate registered victory, particular fringe parts said that North Indians are taking their job and in addition they may be able to simply serene resolve help jobs from them. “Following this, the phobia was once prompted and of us began believing videos. Additionally, the atmosphere of hatred that is already created by DMK leaders is making of us of India imagine that something is corrupt in the converse,” he said. 

While talking in regards to the charges imposed on him by the DMK, he said, “I had 86 FIR towards me. The day before on the present time, the 87th FIR was once filed. Nonetheless, it had excessive allegations towards me. A trace that has been talked about in the FIR is for promoting enmity and insisting on violence. I moreover gave them the day prior to this a explain to arrest me in 24 hours and now the time has long gone. They’ll no longer arrest me. The day before on the present time’s FIR crossed the boundaries as the charges had been excessive. Nonetheless, I’m sitting at my dwelling and they’ll attain to fetch me up.” 

The BJP chief moreover highlighted that his occasion is making all efforts in the converse to be particular that no migrant crew effort coming to the converse. He said, “The Tamil Nadu BJP is making the total efforts to welcome the migrant crew. Day after recently we’re organising a enormous meeting of migrant crew in Tiruppur. As a guilty occasion, we are able to resolve every step to be particular that no migrant employee fears to return in Tamil Nadu.”

The comments of the Tamil Nadu BJP chief attain after an undated video surfaced in the early week of March on social media whereby Hindi lingual migrant labourers from an undated region had been considered being allegedly unwell-handled and overwhelmed. In the wake of the video, CM Nitish Kumar equipped that he would ship a crew of 4 individuals to the southern converse to probe the difficulty of brutality towards migrant labourers on the pretext of “despise crime” in Tamil Nadu. Nonetheless, the allegations levelled towards the converse for its unruly behaviour toward migrant crew had been denied by the converse authorities. But it has prompted a political slugfest with the BJP accusing DMK of constructing an atmosphere of hatred in the converse. 

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