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Long history

Espresso dates support to 800 A.D., when Ninth century goat herders stumbled on it.

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Espresso is a fruit

Though they are known as beans, coffee is finally a fruit.

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Largest producer

Brazil produces the largest amount of coffee on the planet, around a third of world huge.

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Largest person

On the exchange hand, Finland drinks the most coffee on the planet, around 12kg per person, per year!

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Two sorts

There are two forms of coffee bean that are weak for drinking – Robusta and Arabica.

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First on the spot coffee

In 1929, Brazil became battling sulprus coffee. It became at hat time, the imprint Nescafe became created who made the foremost on the spot coffee.

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Most costly

The most costly coffee on the planet is Kopi Luwak and as of 2019, it price $600 per pound!

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Beethoven cherished coffee

Beethoven cherished coffee so noteworthy that he counted precisely 60 beans per cup before brewing it.

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No longer consistently a drink

Espresso became no longer consistently a drink. East African tribes blended coffee berries with animal elephantine and consumed it as food.

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