Amber Heard completes testimony in libel lawsuit, accuses Johnny Depp of attempting to ‘extinguish’ her

After present process four days of trial, Amber Heard carried out her testimony on Tuesday, defending herself from allegations of faking her abuse claims in opposition to ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The testimony turned into bitter when Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez, accused her of lying and advised that she became once the upright abuser. She played audio recordings of arguments between the couple and browse-aloud esteem notes that Heard had written to Depp after the alleged assaults, reports Variety.

“You were not vexed of him at all, had been you?” Vasquez asked Amber, to which she spoke back, “Here is a one who tried to extinguish me. Clearly, it be provoking. He is additionally my husband.”

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Heard is defending herself in opposition to Depp’s $50 million libel lawsuit. Depp’s crew accused Heard of destroying his career with spurious accusations of bodily and sexual assault. Depp gave his hang fable of their relationship over the route of 4 days in April, and the of the trial will largely count on which of the two the jury finds more honest.

In a extremely tense case, Heard testified that Depp had sexually attacked her with a bottle at some stage in an grotesque strive in opposition to while they had been in Australia in March 2015. On the opposite hand, Depp denied this and accused her of throwing a bottle at him at some stage in their argument, which smashed and broke the tip of his center finger.

In her plain-examination, Depp’s attorney played the couple’s conversation after the strive in opposition to, the save Depp confessed that he had tried to flee the relate by locking himself in a lavatory, but that Heard had saved “coming to get me.” “Johnny is now not an acceptable historian of what came about at some stage in that length of time, I will guarantee you,” Heard mentioned. 

She alleged that Depp had lower his hang fingertip when he smashed a wall-mounted phone. Vazquez challenged the fable. “You’re the one who assaulted someone with a bottle in Australia, is now not always that appropriate, Ms. Heard?” Vasquez asked. “I did now not assault Johnny in Australia, I did now not assault Johnny ever. I would possibly possibly well now not,” mentioned Heard.

Depp’s attorney played a recording wherein Heard admitted to ‘hitting’ the actor. To which, she testifies that she normally needed to make exhaust of her physique to protect herself. Vasquez played a security camera video from Can even 22, 2016, exhibiting Heard and actor James Franco taking an elevator to her condominium. It became once the night after the couple’s last strive in opposition to. 

There, Depp allegedly threw a cellphone at Heard’s face after which police had been called into the condominium. Heard utilized for a divorce and sought a restraining say inner the following days.”You’re taking him up to the penthouses, don’t appear to be you?” Vasquez asked. 

“That is the save I lived,” Heard mentioned. 

Heard had previously testified that Depp became once jealous of Franco and had seriously change accusatory after she filmed a esteem scene with him for the film The Adderall Diaries in 2014. “He hated — hated — James Franco,” Heard testified earlier this month. 

Depp had additionally testified that he suspected Franco and Heard had been having an affair.

Vazquez talked about Amber’s characteristic in Aquaman and advised that Depp had secured the characteristic for her. “Excuse me? No, Ms. Vasquez, I obtained myself that characteristic by auditioning,” Heard mentioned.

Heard mentioned that she needed to strive in opposition to to be in Aquaman 2 and that her characteristic had been diminished. “I develop now not know if I can even be in the closing lower or how significant I shall be,” she testified.

Early on Tuesday, Vasquez had the court docket protest the jury the knife that Heard gave as a gift on the beginning of his relationship with Depp. She asked why she would give this kind of gift to a one who would be inebriated and violent.

“I wasn’t scared he became once going to stab me with it,” she mentioned.

Vasquez played audio of a strive in opposition to wherein Heard — via laughter — called Depp a “sellout” and a “washed-up portion of shit.” “I called him injurious grotesque issues,” Heard mentioned. “We spoke to each other in a terribly injurious formula.”

As per Variety, Heard became once paid USD 7 million in their divorce settlement, half of which she has donated to charity. 

On redirect, Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft eminent that Depp had made USD 65 million in 2015 and that Heard would be entitled to half of that, or USD 32.5 million. “I did now not wish it,” Heard mentioned. “I realized that became once what I became once entitled to, but I did now not wish it.”

The trial is anticipated to wrap up on Can even 27, after which this will stride to the jury for deliberation.

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