‘Agra,’ ‘Joram,’ ‘Sultana’s Dream’ Among Projects Selected for India’s Movie Bazaar Sidebars

“Agra” by Kanu Behl (Cannes different “Titli,” Clermont-Ferrand winner “Binnu Ka Sapna”), “Joram” by Devashish Makhija (Rotterdam different “Ajji,” Busan different “Bhonsle”) and “Sultana’s Dream” by Isabel Herguera (San Sebastian different “Kalebegiak”) are amongst the selections at India’s Movie Bazaar Recommends (FBR) strand.

The strand is a element of Movie Bazaar, the South Asia movie venture market operated by India’s National Movie Style Corporation. The FBR decisions, comprising 20 capabilities, two mid-length movies and eight shorts are chosen from 247 movies in the market’s Viewing Room that presents movies from India and South Asia, that are only in the near previous done or quiet in put up-manufacturing. The flicks are readily accessible for movie competition different, world sales, distribution companions or finishing funds. The general decisions are looking out at for their world premieres.

The 30 selected movies will have the choice to pitch to Bazaar delegates all throughout the market.

The Bazaar has additionally chosen five projects for its Work-In-Progress Lab, which provides the selected filmmakers a possibility to display cloak the tough cut of their movies to a panel of world advisors, which consist of a movie competition director, a movie critic, producers and editors and come by comprehensive one-on-one feedback with the aim of serving to the filmmaker attain an done final cut of the movie.

Movies from fresh labs have gone on to steal acclaim globally. They consist of Jaishankar Aryar’s Busan winner “Shivamma,” Natesh Hegde’s Pingyao and Nantes winner “Pedro,” Irfana Majumdar’s Locarno different “Shankar’s Fairies,” Ajitpal Singh’s Sundance different “Fire in the Mountains” and Nitin Lukose’s Toronto different “Paka: River of Blood.”

Lab decisions from 2019 and 2021 had the opportunity to pitch their trailers on the Cannes movie market earlier this 365 days.

“We have now obtained a document number of submissions for the Viewing Room and Work-in-Progress Lab this 365 days, which works to expose the tall religion that filmmakers across the direct have on this platform to fresh their movies – different that are quiet in development – in the most straightforward imaginable system and enable industry alternatives for their movies,” mentioned NFDC MD Ravinder Bhakar. “By going genuine all throughout the pandemic with two very successful online editions, Movie Bazaar as proven itself as the fully possibility in the South Asian direct for global movie experts attempting to come by movies for their movie festivals and distribution.”

Movie Bazaar Recommends Movies for 2022:

Feature movies

“Aattam” by Anand Ekarshi (India, Malayalam-language)

“Agantuk” by Probir Kumar Sarkar (Bangladesh, Bengali)

“Agra” by Kanu Behl (India, France, Hindi)

“All India Scandalous” by Varun Grover (India, Hindi)

“Bahadur” by Diwa Shah (India, Nepali, Kumaoni, Hindi)

“Be Kucheye Khoshbakht” by Sreemoyee Singh (India, Farsi)

“Daayam” by Prasanth Vijay (India, Malayalam)

“Dear Latika” by Kanchan Pant (India, Hindi)

“Dilli Murky” by Dibakar Das Roy (India, Hindi)

“Household” by Don Palathara (India, Malayalam)

“Guras” by Saurav Rai (India-Nepal, Nepali)

“Within the Abdomen of a Tiger” by Siddartha Jatla (India-China-U.S.-Taiwan-France, Hindi)

“Joram” by Devashish Makhija (India, Hindi)

“Josephki Macha” by Paban Kumar Haobam (India, Tangkhul)

“Manal” by Chandrasekaram Visakesa (Sri Lanka, Tamil)

“Mithya” by Sumanth Bhat (India, Kannada)

“Pushtaini” by Vinod Rawat (India, Hindi, Kumaoni, English)

“Sultana ka Sapna” (“Sultana’s Dream”) by Isabel Herguera (India-Spain-Germany, Hindi, Bengali, English, Spanish, Basque, Italian)

“The Scavenger of Needs” by Suman Ghosh (India, Hindi)

“Whispers of Fire & Water” by Lubdhak Chatterjee, (India, Bengali, Hindi, English)


“Kunde” by Ayappa K.M. (India, Kannada)

“Silan” by Ashmita Guha Neogi (India-France, Marathi)


“Bimbam” by Sai Prawin Thanigachalam (India, Quiet)

“Dil Dariya Khawab Samander” by Tanvi Jadwani (India, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati)

“Khowab” by Hemanta Sadeeq (Bangladesh, Bengali)

“Perianayaki” by Bala Mural Shingade, (New Zealand, Tamil, English)

“Priyo Ami” by Suchana Saha, (India, Bengali, English)

“Kakathuruth” by Mohammed Ali Faisal Valiyaveettil (India, Malayalam)

“Ripples Below the Pores and skin” by Farha Khatun (India, Hindi)

“Road Mozart” by Niladree Bhattacharya (India, Bengali)

Work-In-Progress Lab

“All India Scandalous” by Varun Grover (India, Hindi)

“Bahadur” by Diwa Shah (India, Nepali, Kumaoni, Hindi)

“Within the Abdomen of a Tiger” by Siddartha Jatla (India-China-U.S.-Taiwan-France, Hindi)

“Dilli Murky” by Dibakar Das Roy (India, Hindi)

“Mithya” by Sumanth Bhat (India, Kannada)

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