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A serving of ‘Asian Nachos’ comes with “”avocado, tamarind salsa and crispy shallots” and is priced at 27 Malaysian ringgits — 511 Indian rupees.


Image: Twitter – @NaanSamantha

A Malaysian restaurant’s menu has drawn the dignity of Indian social media users with many gasping over the re-branding of the fashioned-or-backyard ‘papad’ as ‘Asian Nachos’. The cruncy deep fried savoury fabricated from sunless gram bean flour has been a staple of Indian households for years. The papad being called ‘Asian Nachos’ has left many in splits.  

A Twitter user shared a picture of the menu captioned: “A culinary crime has been dedicated”.  In accordance to the menu checklist, papad, or what came to be identified as ‘popadam’ in parts of North The USA, is served on the restaurant with “avocado, tamarind salsa and crispy shallots”. The ‘exotic’ delicacies comes for 27 Malaysian ringgits — 511 Indian rupees.   

A culinary crime has been dedicated pic.twitter.com/owYQoILSnk

— samantha (@NaanSamantha) January 22, 2023

Netizens react

The tweet has managed to garner over five hundred thousand views. The video became once retweeted by over one thousand Twitter users and acquired around eight thousand likes. Loads of Twitter users shared stress-free gifs from shows fancy Visitors, to particular their shock.

One Twitter user wrote, “I ponder if they’re going to name “moong ka papad” as sunless dotted nachos? And I’m pleasing cheerful with the 2rs papad which I procure with masala powder can not give you the money for the 27 dollars lol”. One more Twitter user became once left amused by how this could maybe maybe be laborious to eat the papad with Salsa. “With that papadam it’s no longer doable to eat salsa,” the user wrote. 

While many expressed their disbelief over the image, a netizen questioned how powerful every section of the dish is going for. “And how powerful is every section going for? I’m guessing 200% income per plate as popadums are cheap. It’s a nice racket!” the user wrote.  

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