50 males disguised as grooms mounted horseback to the Collector’s office in Maharashtra to verify brides. Here is why


To stress the gender disparity in Maharashtra’s Solapur, bachelors dressed up in bridal apparel, mounted horses, and marched in a parade.


50 bachelors wearing bridal gowns,’sehras,’ and riding horses marched to the Collector‘s office in Solapur, Maharashtra, to glimpse wives and highlight gender inequality. The bachelors staged a march to plan attention to the problem of Maharashtra‘s skewed male-feminine ratio. To boot they urged that the Pre-Thought and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Suggestions (PCPNDT) Act be carried out in instruct to enhance the deliver’s male-feminine ratio.

The fest was phase of a ‘bridegroom morcha’ organised on Wednesday by a neighborhood outfit, which later submitted a declaration to the district collector’s office demanding strict implementation of the Pre-Thought and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Suggestions (PCPNDT) Act to toughen the deliver’s male-feminine ratio.

Consistent with the Nationwide Family Successfully being Search (2019-21), Maharashtra has a intercourse ratio of 920 females for every 1,000 males.

Shilvant Kshirsagar, 29, a dairy farmer, was one among 50 eligible bachelors taking a await wives.

Folk would possibly perhaps scorn this morcha, in maintaining with Ramesh Baraskar, founder of the Jyoti Kranti Parishad, which organised the occasion, but the shocking reality is that childhood of marriageable age are now now not shopping wives honest attributable to the deliver’s male-feminine ratio is imbalanced.

#WATCH | Maharashtra: About 50 bachelors, wearing ‘sehras’ (wedding ceremony crowns), took out a procession with drums and horses to the Collector’s office in Solapur, demanding implementation of the Pre-Thought and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Suggestions (PCPNDT) Act (22.12) pic.twitter.com/Q4rHNZdr9A

— ANI (@ANI) December 23, 2022

In the celebrated video, the band contributors are seen marching forward while playing the drums, while the groom riding on the horse is seen following them. This one-of-a-kind efficiency belief astounded everyone. The kids demanded that solutions outlawing feminine feticide and intercourse likelihood be reinforced. Folk that violate these rules will seemingly be pleased to aloof face severe punishment.


1- What’s the male-feminine ratio in the deliver of Maharashtra?

Consistent with the census 2011, there are 929 females over 1000 males in the Maharashtra location.

2- What’s Maharashtra’s most recent population in 2022?

Consistent with predictions, Maharashtra’s population in 2022 would be round 124,904,071. Here’s more than the national moderate of 382 per square kilometre.

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