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With the mystery surrounding the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput assist in the highlight, the attendant of the mortuary, the attach the post-mortem of the unhurried actor was performed, spoke to Republic Media Network on Tuesday, December 27. All the design thru the unfamiliar conversation, the attendant, Roop Kumar Shah narrated what exactly came about on June 14, 2020.

Shah acknowledged, “Old to we started working, we were suggested that 4-5 bodies were to come…The body of a VIP actor was also going to come assist. When the amount of the body came after your total paperwork, it’s miles going to have faith to be spherical 11-11: 30 p.m…Our first job was to decipher what roughly body it was…on the premise of that, we whisk forward with the post-mortem… If it’s miles a case of suicide, the task is done otherwise, if it’s abolish it’s done otherwise.” 

‘It did not watch like a case of suicide to me’

“I used to be suggested that it was a case of suicide but when I saw the body, I went to have faith a discussion with the doctor… We operate the post-mortem, but they watch at it and originate the certificate, and so, I went and suggested him – ‘Sir, these are not marks one gets by inserting, it seems to be something else to me’…He neglected me,” Shah acknowledged. 

The mortuary attendant further acknowledged, “After checking the body, when I obtained to know these tiny print, I asked him- ‘Sir, the videographer did not come’. He replied, ‘You operate your job’.

When asked as to what made him suppose if it was a abolish or a suicide, Shah acknowledged, “I will’t remember exactly if it was the factual or the left leer, either of the 2 was punched badly and the total field had grew to change into sad. If the photography was done pretty, it’s miles going to have faith to positively come.” 

The mortuary attendant claimed that the post-mortem was ‘not done as per protocols’. Expressing his regret over the identical, he acknowledged that they are given handiest one instruction- ‘To follow the orders of the in-costs’.

‘101 per cent obvious it was abolish…’

Citing his a protracted time’ lengthy expertise, the attach Shah claimed to have faith worked on over 50,000-60,000 bodies, the mortuary attendant acknowledged, ‘101 per cent it was a case of abolish’. “If there would possibly be God, this day or the following day, the fact will come out. I express I would prefer justice for Sushant. On this, if I even lose my life, I would not regret it since I used to be a huge fan of his,” he acknowledged. 

Represent: Republic World, PTI

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